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Message Decorator for SMS & Chat app review: creating exciting designs for your messages with unique colors and styles



Message Decorator is a message enhancing tool designed originally for WhatsApp. The app allows you to create unique message designs, colored fonts, stylish conversation bubbles, and colorful backgrounds. You can also use this app for sending text messages, iMessages, Facebook messages, and email messages. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Message Decorator for SMS & Chat - design messages with color, cool and emoji fonts for iMessages


Enhance Your Messages with Extra Designs and Colors

When Message Decorator was launched in the App Store, it originally targeted the users of WhatsApp instant messaging platform. It worked as a plug-in tool so that users coould customize their chat messages with new fonts and color backgrounds.

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Today, the app can also be used as a design enhancer tool for SMS, iMessage, and Facebook messages. It allows you to create unique message bubbles that reflect your own personality.

You can start creating a new message design by opening the app’s home screen. From here, you can select different background colors for your message bubbles. Then, tap the font menu to select new fonts for your texts.

To change the background color, just tap the color menu to open the built-in palette. The app offers a variety of color options with extra enhancements including shadow effects and text color. It allows you to apply as many styles as you want in order to make your messages more attractive.

You can change the design of you messages anytime you want. All you have to do is to go back to the home screen and start creating different designs with new color schemes, fonts, and backgrounds.

Best Features of Message Decorator for SMS & Chat

Message Decorator offers dozens of preset backgrounds for your message bubbles. These built-in background options are easily accessible on the home screen. You can also change the color scheme of the backgrounds by using the app’s color enhancer tool.

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This app offers 32 artistic fonts including stylish scripts, dotted texts, foreign characters, and special emojis. You can easily change the fonts of your messages by opening the font menu. The app also allows you to change the colors of your fonts to give more life to your messages.

Message Decorator allows you to change the typeface style to bold or italic. You can also change font size and orientation to give your messages a more unique look.

This app supports WhatsApp instant messaging platform, SMS, iMessage, and email messages. You can also share your designs via the Facebook messenger, Twitter, and Instagram. The best part about this app is that your specially designed messages can be read by recipients even if they are not using the Message Decorator app.

Message Decorator for SMS & Chat - design messages with color, cool and emoji fonts for iMessages


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple design board
  • Offers quick access to design tools
  • 32 stylish fonts
  • With built-in color palette for customizing background colors
  • Offers preset backgrounds for conversation bubbles
  • Works with the native messaging apps and SMS
  • Social media sharing


  • Some fonts are unreadable
  • Needs to add more background presets

Final Thoughts

Message Decorator is a messaging enhancement tool for your iOS device. You can use it to customize the look and style of your SMS, iMessages, and instant messages. 


Message Decorator for SMS & Chat - design messages with color, cool and emoji fonts for iMessages

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