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Good for Enterprise app review: offering a secure mobile environment for employees



Good for Enterprise is a business-class app that offers a secure mobile device management platform for companies. It offers containerized data storage solutions to protect sensitive corporate information. The app allows end-users to work safely using their mobile devices by providing productivity features such as email, calendar, contact management, task/to-do list, browser, intranet, and many more. Developed by Good Technology, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Good for Enterprise


Improving Productivity without Compromising Security

In the era of BYOD (bring your own device), companies are having a hard time securing corporate data as an increasing number of employees access sensitive information using unsecured mobile devices. This is why companies are now using mobile device management platforms to secure their database.

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Good Technology is one of the few companies that offer this kind of service. It offers a mobile solution called Good for Enterprises, an iOS app specifically developed for securing mobile data.

It is available as a free download on the App Store. If you are installing this app in your iOS device, make sure to coordinate first with your IT manager in order to get your activation key. Once activated, the app will automatically sync your device with the company’s mobile management platform.

After completing the initial setup, you will now have access to your corporate email and calendar. The app allows you to upload documents to your work folders so you can share them with your colleagues. To create a to-do list, just access the Task page and type your entries using the built-in touch keyboard. 

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Best Features

Good for Enterprise offers an integrated email system for corporate use. It allows you to upload attachments, view and edit documents, download photos and videos, set auto-reply, and flag messages for future follow-up. This email account is set in a contained environment and separate from your personal email.

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One of the best features of Good for Enterprise is its comprehensive calendar tool. The app allows you to organize activities, meetings, and projects in a calendar format. It offers loads of features including the built-in conference call, agenda attachments, reply tools, and forwarding option.

This app also offers a personal organizer called Task page. It works like a to-do list that is commonly found in most business apps. The Task page allows you to add unlimited entries to your to-do list, edit entries anytime, and mark tasks with priority flags.

Other powerful features of Good for Enterprise include a built-in browser, file management, customizable navigation, and access to corporate intranets. 

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Good for Enterprise


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with good workflow
  • Allows full customization of navigation menus
  • Offers secure email platform
  • Offers productivity tools including calendar, task list, and more
  • Built-in browser and file system
  • Allows you to upload/attach files to emails and calendar entries
  • Offers secure access to intranets


  • Fully dependent on Good Technology’s online platform
  • IT admins have full access to your account

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Final Thoughts

Good for Enterprise is a business app that offers mobile device management platform. It offers several features that can promote office productivity. This is a good app for companies that need a secure mobile environment for their employees. 

Good for Enterprise

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