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Call Bliss app review



Call Bliss by Clarke Hill is an app that gives you location-based call blocking.

Without going so far as to jailbreak your phone, Call Bliss taps into the Do Not Disturb function and lets you manage who can call through to you based on your location. It's a wonderful call screening or blacklist app for iPhone.

You can create groups and assign your contacts to each group. Activate the groups to permit them to call through or deactivate them when you don’t. You can set Places where Call Bliss automatically disables or enables callers so you don’t have to remember.

Call Bliss - Silence unwanted calls and texts


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When you don’t want anyone to ring through, simply set your phone to Blackout Mode. Want to talk to anyone? Open Door Mode lets anyone ring through.

This app lets you keep Do Not Disturb on all the time so you never have to worry about unwanted calls. You can control who rings through on a 24-hour basis if you want. Basically, this app turbocharges Do Not Disturb’s capabilities.

For the app to work, you have to have Do Not Disturb turned on. You must have the settings for “Allow Calls From” set to “Bliss Exceptions.” Unwanted calls will only be silenced when your screen is locked.

Call Bliss was updated to Version 1.0.1 on December 19, 2012. The update made fixes and added performance enhancements. The current version of the app has 17 customer ratings with an average of 4.5 out of five stars.

I cannot praise this app more highly. To be able to filter out calls based on groups is simply the coolest thing ever. I’ll use this all the time. If you are looking for a best iPhone VOIP app candidate, this is not for you. However, this could be the best call blocking app on the iOS.

Call Bliss - Silence unwanted calls and texts


Call Bliss - Silence unwanted calls and texts

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