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Income OK app review: advanced income and expense tracker-2020



Keeping track of your expenses and income streams is necessary if you want to avert financial turmoil later on in life. The Income OK app is tailored to revolutionize how you manage your finances.

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There are so many features on offer here. After you try it out, we're certain that you will think it's more than just an OK app. In fact, after you read our Income OK app review, we're certain you will give this income app a test run. Check out our budgeting apps list for other great options. 

Income OK - the excellent income and expense tracker (its handy widget save your time,money and finance)


Monitor your Expenses and Income Better

Income OK app is a must-have iOS application for anyone who wants to achieve financial stability and freedom. As the name suggests, this mobile application is tailored to help you manage your income and expenses hassle-free. It comes with a smart interface that is easy to navigate as compared to other applications. When in hurry, or traveling, you don't have to launch the app; instead, you can use its intuitive widget to quickly input data.

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One of the features that make it special is that it has the ability to not only track your expenses but also generate a simple pie chart that clearly shows you the amount of money that you spend on various amenities in percentage. This will make it easy for you to come up with a solid financial plan for your business or family at no extra cost.

Unlike other applications that just support one income stream, this one has the ability to track all your sources of money such as salary, business, dividends, gifts, and extra work. All you need to do is select a category that represents the data that you want to input.

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Best Features

One of the superior features that make Income OK a fantastic income and expense tracking mobile application is the pie chart. By just looking at it, you will be able to know the specific proportion of your income that you spend on various things such as car, clothes, gifts, travel and the list continues. No matter your lifestyle, this application will help you to better manage your finances 

To ensure that the data is secure and can be retrieved in case you lose your phone, the developers have made it possible for you to synchronize it with your iCloud account. This means that you will be able to access your financial report from anywhere in the world if you replace your phone. You can also export the data to CSV if need be.

More importantly, you can protect your information with a password and Touch ID to ensure that your privacy is never compromised. The interface is very attractive and easy to understand. For instance, each section of the pie chart is highlighted in different colors.

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Income OK - the excellent income and expense tracker (its handy widget save your time,money and finance)


Pros and Cons


  • Supports multiple streams of income
  • Ability to synchronize it with iCloud
  • Present report in simple format that is easy to comprehend


  • It does not allow users to monitor their bank accounts from the app

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Final Thoughts

Income OK is a reliable income and expense tracking mobile application that will help you spend money wisely. It's worth trying this app out so that you can do a better job managing your finances and creating a responsible budget. 

Income OK - the excellent income and expense tracker (its handy widget save your time,money and finance)

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