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Meter Readings app review: monitor your water and energy usage at home 2021



To reduce the amount of money that you spend on water and energy bills, you need to monitor the meter readings on a regular basis by using an innovative iPhone home app.

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Meter Readings is a good home app for iPhone and iPad users developed by Graham Haley. This home app is designed to help you achieve this objective by tracking all your household utility meters on your behalf.  Keep reading our Meter Readings app review to learn more about its features.

Meter Readings


Keep Track of your Household Utility Meters

Meter Readings is a reliable application that is tailored to help you monitor all your household utility meters on your iPhone or iPad more conveniently. To benefit from this app all you need to do is input the meter readings; after that, the app will then get down to work and calculate the total cost and savings.

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All this information is displayed in smart graphs that are utterly easy to interpret for both new and experienced users.

You do not need to download a separate app for each meter. This application is programmed in such a way that it can seamlessly monitor up to nine different meters at a go. In addition, it has a data input interface that is very user friendly, so you will be able to input the readings in seconds and as often as you like.

All the usage and costs details are stored in the app for future reference. For instance, you will be able to compare your yearly average costs and usage for a span of three or four years.

You can also direct the app to plot daily, weekly, month, year, or quarterly graphs detailing the costs and usage of various utilities. All this information will help you come up with solid financial plans.

Keep Track of your Household Utility Meters  image

Best Features

Meter Readings is the best mobile application that you can count on to better manage your finances. One of the major highlights is that it allows users to track their expenses using a wide array of units. As mentioned earlier, there is no limit on the number of utility meters that you can monitor using this application.

The app is also tailored to use the currency settings on your device to determine the total cost usage, but is totally okay to override this when using different meter. More importantly, the app can comfortably carry out calculations using a wide range of rates and changes.

For instance, you can use it to calculate your total electricity usage based on time based rates or per-unit rates. You can change the rates at any time.

By knowing the amount of money that you paid last month, you will be able to estimate when and how much your next electricity or water bill will cost.

Best Features   image

Meter Readings


Pros and Cons


  • Can monitor wide array of utility meters
  • Allows users to import past readings from a CSV file
  • Can plot graphs of usage and cost


  • You cannot add the standard extra service fee to the total amount

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Meter Readings is a decent iOS application that you can use to monitor up to nine household utility bills on your iPhone or iPad.

Meter Readings

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