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Mickey’s Magical Math World app review: smart way of honing kids' mathematical skills



Mathematics is one of the most important subjects that your child should master to become successful even after graduating from college. Disney has developed an iOS application called Mickey’s Magical Math World to provide an exciting and interactive way of learning mathematics. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. English is the default language.

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Mickey's Magical Math World


Engaging Way of Doing Math

Mickey’s Magical Math World is an awesome application that is tailored to help your kid understand how to solve math questions in a simple and interactive way. Your child will get an opportunity to help Mickey build rockets using a wide array of shapes. In addition, it will hone their counting skills as they train robots with Minnie. There is also a number line that they will master as they help aliens wake up Donald.

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The app came up with a smart interface that is extremely easy to navigate. The developers worked smart to come up with quality graphics that will help creating a gaming and interactive learning experience that your child will surely love. The different math skills that the app seeks to teach your kid are well-articulated to avoid confusion. For instance, there is a special interface that is tailored to help kids master numbers, counting, addition & subtraction, shapes, and sorting. All they have to do is click on any of the icons to access the specific games.

Best Features

The interactive interface is one of the major attributes that gives Mickey’s Magical Math World an upper hand. By downloading this app, you child will learn how to count from 1-10 and backward within a day or two. All the games and exercises are designed by professional tutors hence you can be sure that your kid will get maximum utility from the app.

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In addition, your kid will learn how to identify various colors using its smart sorting game. Here, they are required to sort objects based on their color and shapes. The objects are clearly displayed on the interface so they will be able to identify them with ease especially when they get used to using the app. As they do so, they will also be able to recognize the defining attributes of various shapes.

Learning mathematics has never been easier and more exciting. The developers compiled a list of Mickey’s Super rocket shapes that will grasp the attention of your child. They will also enjoy counting along with smart Minnie’s Robot. If your child has a problem falling asleep, the Daisy’s Bedtime Countdown is a perfect choice for him or her.

Mickey's Magical Math World


Pros & Cons


  • Excellent interface
  • Uses interactive games to teach kids mathematics
  • No Internet connection is required
  • Enhances kids’ ability to reason and solve problem logically


  • The developer needs to add more games

Final Thoughts

Mickey’s Magical Math World is a reliable iOS application that you can use to hone your child’s ability to solve mathematical questions. The interface is kid-friendly and easy to navigate.


Mickey's Magical Math World

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