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Fish Path app review: remember the path and trace through the fish



Fish Path is an iPhone and iPad game that requires you to remember where the fish have been. Cast the line, swipe the fish, and pass the levels.

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Fish Path


A Fun Memory Game

Fish Path is a fun memory game that requires you to use your finger to cast the hook. All you have to do is swipe across the fish in the right order to catch them and earn your high score to solve as many of the puzzles as you can. There are three different kinds of fish to master, and each has its own tricks.

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To catch the fish you have to trace over the dotted lines. The line will only be there for a moment though, so you have to remember the path, then correctly trace it to successfully catch the fish and pass the level. For each round you get two minutes to complete as many levels as you can. As you get better and better at remembering the paths, you will get faster and faster at the game and therefore achieve higher points.

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Practice Makes Perfect

As with any memory game, the more you practice playing Fish Path, the better you’ll do. The game is fun to play, and I like that the line appears, but then you have to remember where it was to correctly complete the path. There are lots of memory games where you have to repeat a pattern, but none quite like this. I really enjoyed playing this challenging game.

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As for my kids, the girls aged seven and three enjoyed it too. My three-year-old will play almost any game, but she appreciated the fishy theme. She has also has an affinity for puzzles, and this was right up her alley. She liked the different colored fish, and how they would react when she touched them too.

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Fish Path


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to pick up
  • Challenging to remember the path to trace
  • Practices hand-eye coordination and memory skills


  • It can be tricky to beat your score when you only have two minutes to get there

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Fish Path is an iPhone and iPad memory game that will encourage you to stretch your memory skills. I appreciated this unique take on matching games in that you had to remember the path to get the fish caught rather than turning over cards or play back a pattern. It was fun to keep trying, even though at first you may not succeed. It could be frustrating for some players, but practice makes perfect, and memory is a valuable skill to strengthen. I really appreciated the different fish too. Overall, it was a fun game to play, and I’ll keep it around.

Fish Path

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