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Quick Checkbook app review: manage multiple bank accounts 2021



Managing multiple bank accounts can be an uphill task if you do not have a checkbook app for iPhone to help you do so with ease.

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Maxwell Software has developed an checkbook balance app called Quick Checkbook that is designed to help you manage all your bank accounts at a glance. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. English is the default language.

Keep reading our checkbook app review to see if this is the best checkbook app for your banking and financial needs. 

Quick Checkbook Pro


New Way of Managing all your Bank Accounts

Quick Checkbook is an intuitive app that is tailored to help you manage all your bank accounts from your iPhone. It has a smart interface that clearly displays the balance in each of the accounts that you track using the app.

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Hence, you will be able to make sound financial plans that are in line with your financial capability. For instance, business entrepreneurs can use the app to know the amount of money that they have in their account before purchasing new merchandise.

Another major benefit of using this application is that it has the ability to track all one-time and recurring transactions. It will also go a step further to mark cleared and pending transactions in different colors to ensure that you never have to pay more than the required amount. 

New Way of Managing all your Bank Accounts image

Best Features

Quick Checkbook is one of the best bank account management mobile applications in the world. Apart from the interactive interface that is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, it allows you to transfer money from one account to another securely.

The transaction is conducted through a number of secure servers that are monitored 24/7 to avert any chances of fraud.

Hiring an accountant is expensive especially for new business entrepreneurs. Fortunately, the developer has a special reports page that will clearly show you how you spend your money.

The data is presented in a simple pie chart. Each section has a different color and a percentage to show you specific proportion of your total income that you spend on a particular service. For instance, you will be able to know amount of money that you spend servicing and fueling your vehicle per month.

On the report page, you will also be able to reconcile accounts as well as create PDF reports to share with your senior or keep in your compute for future reference. You can send the report to your email in CSV, html or PDF format. If you want to print the report, you can do that conveniently as it supports AirPrint.

It also allows users to add payee information on any transaction to avoid confusion later on when reconcile the accounts. This will go a long way in ensuring that your reports are accurate and updated.

Best Features   image

Quick Checkbook Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Has ability to reconcile transactions
  • Presents all expenses in a smart interface
  • Ability to check balance of all your bank accounts at a glance


  • Your device has to be connected to the Internet to get real time results

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Quick Checkbook is an excellent iOS application that will help you manage your bank accounts better. You can secure it using a password of your choice. 

Quick Checkbook Pro

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