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2048 Plus app review: enjoy advanced number puzzles



Solving puzzles is one of the best ways to test, sharpen and improve your mental capability. 2048 Plus is a new iTunes app developed by redBit to help you accomplish these mental improvements. It's compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. This 2048 puzzle app comes in several different languages for users from all over the world. 

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2048 plus – New Version


Enjoy the Best Number Puzzles

2048 Plus is an advanced app that will give you unlimited access to exciting and challenging number puzzles that will test your mental abilities. Unlike the previous version, this one has three new amusing tiles namely, Stone Block, Bonus Block, and Division Block. You can decide to play the puzzle games using any of these tiles. Note that you do not need to change screen resolution settings as they are optimized for iPhone and iPad.

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One of the best ways of testing your ability is by playing the puzzle using classic mode. In this mode, you need to try to get the best score in order to get your name in the Leaderboards. This is not as easy as it sounds hence it is recommended to take the time and learn how these puzzles are solved. Also, take a closer look at how the numbers are arranged to come up with the best strategy. 

Enjoy the Best Number Puzzles image

Best Features of 2048 Plus iTunes Application

2048 Plus is indeed one of the best number puzzle iTunes applications in the world today. One of the major highlights that make it special is the two intuitive gameplay modes. New players can start off by solving the puzzles using the Classic mode. This will hone their skills in preparation for the complex puzzles in Challenge gameplay mode.

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The game is utterly easy to play as compared to the conventional puzzle mobile applications. For instance, you just need to swipe the screen interface to move tiles or match them with the same number.

To ensure that you never have to play the same puzzle repeatedly, the developers have worked diligently to add 30 levels in the challenge mode. Your main goal should be to play and beat all of these 30 challenges.

There is also a star ranking system that is designed to help you monitor your progress by recording your points automatically after every game. Challenge yourself by trying to complete all the levels with an average of 3 Stars.

Your device does not have to be connected to the internet to play the puzzles. Be on the lookout for fresh updates from the developers to get maximum utility from the app.

Best Features of 2048 Plus iTunes Application image

2048 plus – New Version


Pros and Cons


  • Many different levels in Challenge mode
  • No internet connection is required to play the game
  • New 1.2 version has 10 new achievements that will give you access to new challenges if you win


  • Only offers puzzles that are based on numbers

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

This 2048 game app is an excellent puzzle app providing challenging fun. It can also provide the mind numbing fun that you need after a long day at work or school. Kill some time or challenge your puzzle solving skills with this great app. 

2048 plus – New Version

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