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Flappy 2048! app review: best number puzzle game



Number puzzles are some of the most intriguing games that you can play during your leisure time to relax and test your mind. Yunlong Li has successfully managed to create an iOS application called Flappy 2048! that is tailored to provide users with hundreds of number puzzle games. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad. At the moment, English is the default language. 

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Flappy 2048!


How to Play

Flappy 2048! is an advanced iOS application that will challenge your mind using number puzzles. The developers worked hard to come up with a simple interface that makes it extremely easy for users to learn how to solve the puzzles fast. If you have ever played Flappy birds or a 2048 puzzle app, you will find this game enjoyable and addictive as it is based on the same principles.

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The main objective is to join numbers until you get to the 2048 tile. To achieve this, you need to scroll whenever two tiles that have the same number touch to merge them into one. For instance, you can merge tiles that have number 4 together to form 44. Just tap the tiles to move them from one part of the interface to another. You will automatically get a score whenever the tile goes through a barrier. It is recommended to first study the table so as to make the right moves. 

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Best Features

The many downloads and positive reviews that Flappy 2048! has achieved since its inception into App Store is clear proof that it one of the best gaming mobile applications in the world. One of the features that give it an advantage is the simple interface. New users can learn how to play the puzzles in less than a day as it is clearly articulated.

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The game is also very easy to play as compared to other similar mobile applications. As mentioned earlier, one only needs to tab any of the tiles to either move them past a barrier or merge them. This is utterly easy to do, as the tiles are very responsive.

As you play the game, the app will automatically note and record your score. This will help you to know if you are progressing or not. Another major reason why you should consider downloading this application is that your device does not have to be connected to the Internet to play the puzzle game. There are also leaderboards that you can view to see how you are fairly against other players. 

Best Features   image

Flappy 2048!


Pros and Cons


  • No Internet connection is required
  • It is very easy to play this 2048 game app
  • Provides tips on how to play the game
  • Background audio effects


  • None

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Final Thoughts

Flappy 2048! is indeed one fun gaming app in the world today. The game is very easy as compared to other similar app and your device does not have to be connected to the Internet. 

Flappy 2048!

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