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Space Inversion 2 Free app review: thrilling space invasion game



Playing mobile games is one of the best ways of relaxing after a long day at work. Space Inversion 2 Free is a third-generation mobile game developed by Merlyn lear to provide users with a fantastic gaming experience. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and English is the default language.

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Space Inversion 2 FREE


Best Space-Based Mobile Game

Space Inversion 2 Free is a top-rated mobile game that has generated massive popularity and downloads from all across the globe. Unlike the previous arcade invader style shooter, this one is more advanced and better as evident by its graphics, background, and responsive controls. The developers have added a new Arcade mode that features regenerating aliens and power-ups to even the odds.

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In addition, it has New Bonus “Meteor Storm” and “Flying Saucer” rounds as well as thrilling scenes that you can capitalize on to get more points and extra lives. New players can start off by playing using Classic mode that is slower than the advanced modes. 

Best Features

Landscape widescreen mode is one of the major features that make Space Inversion 2 Free one of the best mobile games in the world today. The developers have also added six different control systems that include Joystick configurations, slide, buttons and tilt. All these features have been added to ensure that players get the best gaming experience.

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There are also three fire modes that you can use to fight the aliens namely, manual, auto-fire, and semi-auto. It is recommended to choose the right mode to avoid being knocked down or caught off-guard by the aliens. Consider trying out each mode to know which one suits you best.

All scores are recorded and displayed in the Leaderboards; here, you will see the best players whom you can aim to beat. Note that this list is updated on a daily basis to ensure that only the best players are listed.

Another major feature that makes this app superior is the HD and SD graphics for retina devices. You will get a clear view of the opponents and their reactions whenever you fire at them. Note that you do not have to change any settings on your mobile device as the graphics are optimized to work perfectly no matter the screen resolution.

There is also an expansion pack that you can buy to enjoy two new graphic styles as well as advanced gaming modes, Bonus and Turbo Mode. To keep you entertained, the app is tailored to generate unique sound effects in every scene and play some music in the background.

Space Inversion 2 FREE


Pros and Cons


  • Six different methods of control
  • HD and SD graphics
  • Power-ups to give you the much-needed extra firepower


  • The app is prone to bugs and malware

Final Thoughts

Space Inversion 2 Free is a thrilling mobile game that you can play as you relax at home or while traveling.


Space Inversion 2 FREE

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