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GotIt! app review: solving math and science problems in a snap 2021



GotIt math app is a mobile tutoring platform that offers expert help for students who need to solve complex math and chemistry problems.

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This GotIt problem solving app will connect you with expert tutors from around the world. It allows you to ask questions so you can get quick answers with step-by-step explanations.

Developed by Tutor Universe, the GotIt app for iPhone is also compatible with the iPad and iPod touch. Keep reading our GotIt app review for more details on all that this app has to offer. 

got it! - Homework Help Math, Chem, Physics


Getting the Help of Expert Tutors has Become Easier

Are you having a hard time solving math and science problems? Well, there is a new app that can make your academic life much easier and it is called GotIt!

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GotIt! offers you access to the services of qualified tutors from around the world. All you need to do is to ask a question and you will get a quick answer within 10 minutes.

Unlike other apps that use automated software in solving problems, GotIt! offers real life tutors who are experts in the fields of mathematics and science. It allows you to chat with a tutor in real-time so you can get more in-depth explanations.

To get started with GotIt!, simply download it from the App Store. It is available for free with in-app purchase options. After installing the app, you will be asked to create a user ID to get the services of study experts.

Then, go to the ‘Ask a Question’ page and the camera view finder will open. Snap a picture of the equation you want to solve and post it in the tutor marketplace. The app will notify you when a tutor starts working on your problem. In about 10 minutes, you will get an answer with detailed explanations.

If you need further clarifications, you can open the chat tool to start a conversation with your tutor. You are allowed to ask a couple of questions pertaining to the problem you submitted. 

Getting the Help of Expert Tutors has Become Easier image

Best Features of GotIt!

GotIt! offers real life expert tutors who can help solve homework problems. These tutors specialize in math and science and they are available anytime you need help.

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This app covers almost all types of basic math and chemistry problems. It also offers help in solving more complex equations in calculus, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and other major fields of mathematics.

The app offers built-in chat platform so you can ask more questions. You can chat with an expert tutor for a limited time to get more detailed explanations.

GotIt! offers push notifications even when you close the app’s interface. You will receive a notification when a tutor starts working on your problem. You will also be notified when the answer to your homework problem is already available. 

Best Features of GotIt! image

got it! - Homework Help Math, Chem, Physics


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with good workflow
  • Offers hundreds of study experts
  • Covers almost all major math subjects
  • Quick answers to submitted problems
  • Detailed step-by-step explanations
  • With built-in chat platform


  • Gets more expensive especially when you use up your initial credits

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

GotIt! is an educational app that offers real-time homework help for students. It is a mobile tutoring platform that can help you solve complex math and science equations. This is a must-have app for middle school students. 

got it! - Homework Help Math, Chem, Physics

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