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Ally Auto Mobile Pay app review: offering a mobile option for paying your car loans 2021



The Ally Auto app offers a convenient platform for paying your ally auto loan  and is a trustworthy resource just like the ally bank apps. The app allows you to make one-time payments or schedule regular payments.

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It offers an account dashboard so you can track the status of your loan, payment schedules, and remaining balances. Developed by Ally Financial, this app is compatible with the latest iDevices and similar to sites like loan mart. Keep reading our Ally Auto Finance review for more details.

Ally Auto


Manage Your Car Payments with Ally Auto Mobile Pay

Ally Financial is one of the leading financial institutions offering vehicle loans. It is working with more than 17,000 car dealers and currently financing more than four million customers across the United States.

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If you have a vehicle loan with Ally Financial, you can now use your iOS device to make payments. Just download the Ally Auto Mobile Pay so you can easily manage your car loan.

The Ally Auto Mobile Pay is a free app on the App Store. You can download and install it in any of your iOS device. You will need an Ally Auto user ID to log-in to the app.

To get started, go to the Allyauto.Com website using your desktop computer. Enroll an account with the site so you can create a user name and password. After completing the registration, you can now open the app and link it with your online account.

The app’s home screen offers an overview of the progress of your car payments. It provides key data including unpaid balances, remaining payments, last payment, and the date of your next scheduled payment.

From the home screen, you can tap the “Make Another Payment” button to pay your current due. You can also set-up an automatic payment schedule by tapping the “Enroll in Auto Pay” link.

The app will then open the Set-up Auto Pay page. From here, you can specify the source account and the dates of your regular payments. Tap submit to finalize your transaction. You can cancel the auto payment schedule if you only want to make single payments every due date. 

Manage Your Car Payments with Ally Auto Mobile Pay image

Best Features

Ally Auto Mobile Pay offers detailed account information and car loan status.  Enroll in Ally Auto from the app login screen, or enter an existing username and password. Then Set up and use Touch ID® or Face ID® for easier, faster logins. You can view payment information, statements, and transactions in this easy bank app.

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You can access your account information from the home screen. You can also edit your profile from within the app.

This app allows you to make one-time payments for your car loan. However, you can also choose to enroll in the auto payment option so you can set-up a regular payment schedule.

Ally Auto Mobile Pay allows you to cancel scheduled payments anytime. You can use this option if you don’t have sufficient funds in your source account.

Recent updates include improved design, editing vechicle payments and constant fixing of various bugs. 

Best Features   image

Ally Auto


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a simple and minimalist interface
  • Allows you to set-up auto payment option
  • Allows you to cancel pending payments
  • Offers quick access to account information and profile
  • Offers detailed loan status
  • Allows you to pay past due balances
  • Uses mobile encryption to protect your data
  • Strictly for loans, Not a car buying app


  • Needs to support in-app account registration

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Ally Auto Mobile Pay is the official mobile payment platform of Ally Financial. It offers several useful features including automatic payment scheduling. If you have a loan with Ally Financial, then this is a great app for you.

Ally Auto

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