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3D Brain app review: discover how each part of your brain functions



The brain is pretty much the most important organ in the body. Knowing how it functions can help you live a productive and healthy life. 3D brain is an iOS application developed by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to help users get a clear picture of the various parts of the brain. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. The default language is English.

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3D Brain


Get an In-depth Understanding of How the Brain Functions

3D brain is an advanced app that is tailored to help you get a vivid mental image of your brain. The developers consulted professional neurologists in the creation process to ensure that all the information that it presents is accurately and in line with the expectations of the target audience.

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In total, there are over 29 interactive structures of the brain that you can rotate and zoom to get a clear view. It also goes a step further to provide detailed information on how various brain regions functions. All this information is first validated before been uploaded to the database to ensure that it is in line with the latest research results.

Best Features

One of the highlights of 3D brain is the smart interface. It is very easy to navigate as compared to other similar applications in the world. You do not need skills or experience to use the app.

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Another major feature that gives the app a higher cutting edge is that it provides detailed information about each section of the brain. For instance, you will get facts about various disorders, case studies, brain damage, as well as links to websites that you can access to get a better understanding of the brain.

The graphics used to describe various sections of the brain are unequal to no other in the market. As mentioned earlier, you will be able to zoom and rotate the picture or graphics to get a better understanding. On the right side of the interface, there are icons that you can click on to read fact that related to the specific section that you are viewing.

The developers also added a dynamic search feature that you can use to lookup a particular section by typing in the name. This will definitely save time that you would have spent scrolling through all the 29 sections. If you encounter any hurdles while using the app, you can click the “Help & About” tab. 

3D Brain


Pros and Cons


  • Covers all parts of the brain
  • No Internet connection is required unless when you want to view web pages
  • All details are accurate
  • Smart graphics that you can zoom and rotate
  • Less prone to bugs


  • Some of the terms are complex to people who have not done medical courses

Final Thoughts

3D brain is a smart interface that you can use to understand how your brain functions.


3D Brain

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