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Math 42 app review: excellent mobile math tutor for students between 5th and 12th grade



Math is not a favorite subject to most students due to the many complex concepts that one has to master. If you know of a student who has troubles with math, then this might be the solution for them. Math 42 is an advanced iTunes application developed by Cogeon GmbH to help students between 5th and 12th grade grasp the various mathematics topics. It is available in four different languages namely Spanish, German, English, and French.

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Math 42


Best Math Tutor for 5th-12th Grade Students

Math 42 is an advanced iTunes application that is tailored to help students master the various mathematical concepts. It comes with a smart interface that is extremely easy to navigate. Hence, parents do not have to guide their kids apart from during the initial stages. One of the highlights of using the app is that it not only provides a solution but also a step-by-step guide that it uses to solve questions.

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In addition, students get intelligent recommendations on how to solve various questions and study mathematics especially when preparing for examinations. Some of the concepts that it covers include Quadratic equations, Polynomials, Derivations, Linear equations, Simplification of terms such as signs and terms, Fractions, Equations including fractions, and the list continues.

To ensure that users derive maximum benefits from it, it has simple entry text-box that one can use to type in numbers, variables, and parameters. In fact, inputting data on this app is similar to using a calculator without the complicated commands. 

Best Features of Math 42 iTunes Application

Apart from the detailed explanations, Math 42 has intelligent plotting functions that cover maximums, minimums, zeros, asymptotes, and areas of definitions. The developers have also incorporated a smart calculator that you can use to process numbers and variables in an expression. Unlike other conventional calculators, this one displays a step-by-step guide of all the calculations.

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There is also a sharing function that you can use to share the answers and explanations with friends through Facebook or email other users. For instance, if you send the answer to a classmate who also uses Math 42, they will be able to import it in just one click.

To ensure that it derives accurate answers at all times, the app uses an algebraic system that works symbolically in conjunction with artificial intelligence technology. Note that your device does not have to be connected to the internet, as all the functions are stored in its database. However, you need internet to share the answers with your friends.

It is imperative to ensure that you type in the correct data to get accurate results. This is based on the fact that the app solely depending on the information that you feed it with.

Math 42


Pros and Cons


  • Can perform and solve a wide array of math questions
  • No internet connection
  • Smart calculator that displays each step
  • Ability to do polynomial questions
  • Intelligent plotting function


  • You cannot use in an exam room, hence students need to learn how to independently solve questions without using the app.

Final Thoughts

Math 42 is an awesome iTunes application that students can use to master various math concepts. Perfect for those in the targeted age range, who need help with math.


Math 42

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