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uShip for iPhone app review: connects shippers with carriers globally



To move heavy cargo from one continent to another, you need to hire a professional and reputable shipping company. And, that's what you get through uShip's app. It's designed to connect shippers with carriers from all across the globe, and it's compatible with iPhone and iPad devices but it works best on iPhones. 

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uShip for iPhone


Safe Way of Shipping Cargo

uShip is a brilliant iTunes application that you should install if you periodically ship goods from various parts of the world. One of the highlights of using the application is that it offers affordable shipment services that will save on time and money for other income generating activities. The developers worked hard to come up with a smart interface that is very easy to navigate as compared to other similar applications.

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By downloading this application, you will get an updated list of all new shipments as well as active ones. This information will help you come up with solid shipment plans for your business. There is an additional feature that you can use to create and save shipment searches for future reference. All you have to do is bookmark some of your searches. 

Best Features of uShip iTunes Application

One of the best features that uShip offers is that you will be able to place bids, watch, and book shipments from the app. This means that you will never have to drive or take a flight to the shipping company's location.

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There is also an in-built feature that is designed to alert you whenever your cargo arrives at its destination by using push notifications. So, you will not need to send constant emails and make phone calls to inquire about your cargo.

By clicking on “Nearby Shipments”, the app will automatically start using GPS technology to find a shipment company that is closest to your location. The main benefit of hiring a local shipping company is that you can easily file a dispute or visit their office in case anything bad happens.

Paying shipping fees has never been easier. Once you install this application, you will be able to release payments to shipping companies directly from the app. In addition, carriers can use it to accept or decline bids made by clients in seconds.

You can also ask and answer questions from your clients on the app. This means that you will not need to hire a customer care support team to help you respond to inquiries unless when necessary. 

uShip for iPhone


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to view, accept or decline bids in one tab
  • Ability to release payments from the app
  • Timely push notifications
  • Ability to find shippers around your area using GPS
  • Thousands of carriers and shippers in its database
  • Clients can communicate directly with the shippers


  • Available in very few languages

Final Thoughts

uShip is a reliable iTunes application that will redefine how you ship cargo from various parts of the world. The interface is very user friendly and easy to use. If you need to ship large items, this app is a great option for you, regardless if it's for personal or business. 


uShip for iPhone

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