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London Plaques app review: get to know where globally renowned characters resided



London was the home to some of the most renowned characters in the world. And now you can learn more about them and the town's history with this app. In fact, no other city in the world has hosted more famous historical characters than this city. London Plaques is a new iTunes application developed by Aimer Media that provides users with information on where various illustrious people lived in city. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. The default language is English.

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London Plaques


Get to Know Illustrious People Who Ever Lived in London

London Plaques is an advanced iTunes application that you can count on to provide you with information on nearly 2000 famous people who have been immortalized in plaque form in London. One of the highlights of this application is that it offers accurate offline maps that you can use to drive to their specific residential area or memorial site. This means that you do not have to hire a tour guide to access these spots. Note that most of these sites are actually tourist attraction sites nowadays.

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The app’s interface is very user friendly making it an ideal choice for both new and experienced users. Simply put, this is an interactive guide that will give you information about the blue plaques that you see all over London. Your device does not have to be connected to the internet, as all the information is stored in the app.

Some of the plaques that you will get information about include Karl Marx, Winston Churchill, Jimi Hendrix, Mozart, Shakespeare, and so forth.

Best Features of London Plaques iTunes Application

One of the best features that London Plaques offers is the offline maps. They use some of the modern buildings and streets so chances of getting lost as you drive to the plaque's spot are nil. You can zoom in and out on the map to get a clear view. No need to change the screen resolution as the maps are optimized for both iPhone and iPad screens.

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There is also a search feature that you can use to find specific plaques without having to scroll through the entire list. You can conduct the search based on area, date, category, and nationality. The results will be presented in alphabetical order. On each of them, you will get a high definition image as well as detailed information about the plaque. Some of the descriptions are actually more accurate that most online resources. The icons displayed on the interface are very responsive so you will never have to click any of them more than once. 

London Plaques


Pros and Cons


  • Provides information of over 2,000 plaques
  • No internet connection is required
  • Detailed maps that are easy to interpret
  • High definition image of each plaque
  • Detailed description of each plaque


  • Only available in English

Final Thoughts

London Plaques is a good iTunes application that you can use to get information on 2,000 different plaques. It's easy to use and the information provided is first validated before being uploaded to its database. A great tour guide for those who enjoy the history of famous people. 


London Plaques

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