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mSecure Password Manager app review: secure your passwords and private information



Digital technology has redefined how people secure their most personal and private information. Encryption and ease of use are just some of the features that we all desire in a safely secured app. mSeven Software, LLC has developed an application titled mSecure Password Manager and it is one of the best apps on the iOS for protecting your passwords and other important information. This iPad password manager is also compatible with the iPhone and iPodouc th. 

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mSecure Password Manager


Smart Way of Securing your Passwords

mSecure Password Manager is an advanced iTunes application that is used by millions of people from all across the globe to secure their private information. One of the highlights for using this application is that the information that you submit is stored in a secure database and you are the only person who can retrieve the information. It uses ultra-secure 256-bit encryption, so rest assured that your information is safely protected.

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Gone are the days when you had to create passwords on your own. This password manager app has a special password generator that you can use to create hard-to-crack passwords in seconds. In case a hacker tries to guess your password, the app has a special self-destruct feature that it can use to delete and create a completely new password instantly.

Smart Way of Securing your Passwords image

Best Features of mSecure Password Manager iTunes Application

Auto-backup reminder is a great feature and so is the Email backup feature. These tools help you to keep your data safe, whether it's on your app or the cloud. The typing fields are sensitive and can be masked from prying eyes. Additionally, you can auto-lock the app when in public places to safeguard your privacy.

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To give you the best experience, the app comes with 19 standard templates that you can use to input data more conveniently. You can also create a custom template that better meets your needs. With over 270 icons, you will be able to personalize your records for easier access. You can search for specific records by name, type, and modified date.

If you wish, you can activate the landscape support mode to get a better view of the interface. mSecure Password Manager also supports iCloud and Dropbox cloud services so you will be able to synchronize the data between your mobile devices and computers when your device is connected to the internet.

Best Features of mSecure Password Manager iTunes Application image

mSecure Password Manager


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to categorize records in groups for easier access
  • Share files via clipboard, SMS, or email
  • Personalize the font and choose a theme that suits your preferences
  • Optional self-destruct feature
  • Auto-lock and sensitive fields to protect it from prying eyes
  • Simple interface that is easy to navigate
  • Wide variety of themes


  • Sometimes it generates unnecessary alerts

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

mSecure Password Manager is an awesome iTunes application that you can use to secure all of your passwords and personal information. It's highly encrypted to provide you with the security that you need and desire. 

mSecure Password Manager

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