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Calzy app review: offering a smart calculator with gesture support 2021



Calzy is an iPhone calculator app with impressive user interface and elegant design. This calculator app supports basic mathematical expressions that you typically use every day.

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It also offers extra features including gesture support, expression edit, currency rounding, copy/paste, and many more. Developed by WapleStuff, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

Keep reading our Calzy app review for more details. When done, let us know if you think this is a good calculator app for iPhone and iPad. 



A Useful Calculator with Elegant Design

Calzy is an elegantly designed basic calculator perfectly suited for the rich display format of iPhone and iPad. It sports a completely redesigned user interface with thin clear fonts, blurring effects, color palettes, and solid background.

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This is a premium app with no in-app purchase options. You can buy it on the App Store and get a fully functional version that works completely offline.

When you load Calzy, it will open a basic calculator interface with number pad and a large screen on top. On an iPad, the app can support the landscape view. You can then input the mathematical expressions and you will see the results automatically displayed on screen.

You can swipe down the screen to edit your expression. The app allows you to reorder expressions, add parenthesis, delete numbers, and change the operators.

If you want to bookmark your calculation, just tap the equal sign for several seconds until the bookmark screen opens. You can then swipe the screen upwards to view your recent calculations, history, and bookmark lists.

In order to load additional contextual options, you can tap and hold the screen and wait for the pop-up menu to open. You can then share your calculations and results via AirDrop or email and copy the displayed expressions on screen.

A Useful Calculator with Elegant Design  image

Best Features of Calzy Calculator

Calzy offers an easy to use and minimalist user interface. It offers a large number pad so you can quickly input numbers and mathematical expressions. The app allows you to change the background and color scheme of the display area from the settings menu.

The best iPhone apps for scientific calculators 2021

This app supports basic mathematical equations with extra features including smart parenthesis, currency and decimal rounding, and comma decimals. It allows you to edit expressions and reorder your operations.

One of the best features of Calzy is the gesture support. You can swipe the screen to load additional functions such as bookmarking, editing, and opening more options.

Another great feature of the app is the Spell Out tool. It can spell out numbers in English and other supported languages. Just shift your device in landscape orientation to automatically convert numbers into words. You can then copy the words and paste them to your email message.

And lastly, Calzy supports AirDrop sharing. You can use this feature to transfer your calculations to other iOS devices. 

Best Features of Calzy Calculator  image



Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple interface
  • Offers impressive professional design
  • Allows you to change background and color schemes
  • Supports basic mathematical operations
  • Supports sharing via AirDrop and email
  • Supports smart gesture technology
  • Offers bookmarking tool


  • None

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Final Thoughts

Calzy is a basic calculator with an elegantly designed user interface. It supports smart gestures and offers extra features including bookmarking, currency rounding, sharing via AirDrop, and many more. If you want an easy to use calculator for everyday use, then this is a good option for you.


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