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Manga Unlimited app review: offering the best Manga collections for iOS users



Manga Unlimited is an entertainment app that works as a reader and downloader of the latest Manga comics. It also serves as a mobile catalog where you can find popular titles, trending Manga, new chapters, and latest free releases. It offers an HD reader that automatically optimizes the content based on the screen size of your device. Developed by Nguyen Tran, this app is optimized for your iPhone and iPad. 

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Manga Unlimited - Read Online and Download Unlimited


Enjoy the Best Manga Comics with Manga Unlimited

If you are a fan of the Japanese anime comic series and you want to build your own collection, then you have to download Manga Unlimited. This is a premium app and it comes with its own reader, downloader, and catalog manager.

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This app offers a simple interface and you can use it immediately after completing the download process. Just open the home screen to view the list of available Manga comics for download. The home screen features a tabbed interface that categorizes content into four sections: free downloads, latest releases, popular Manga, and completed series.

Just tap any tab to view the content in a list format. You can scroll down the screen the see more content. A menu bar is located at the bottom of the screen which gives access to the search tool, categories, download history, and settings.

To collect Manga comics, just tap a comic book thumbnail to open the detailed page with description and download links. Tap the “download all” button to get the full series. You may also download individual episodes by selecting any episode number.

After completing the download, you can now read the comic book in HD display. The app automatically adjusts the display resolution based on your screen settings. 

Best Features of Manga Unlimited

Manga Unlimited offers an impressive database of more than 30,000 titles. It regularly updates its list of comic books and notifies you when there are new releases. The app allows you to download complete series in your device.

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This app organizes the content in distinct categories so you can quickly find your favorite titles. It offers dozens of categories including action, adventure, anime, comedy, comic, and many more. Tap any category to open a full list of comic books.

One of the most useful features of this app is the built-in search tool. You can access this tool at the bottom menu bar. The app allows you to search by title, author, and category.

Manga Unlimited offers a fully functional comic book reader with HD display. It can detect the screen settings of your device and automatically adjusts the display for easy reading. It also offers an auto-read function with responsive page turning.

Other useful features of this app include quick bookmarks, history log, catalog manager, and one-tap download control. 

Manga Unlimited - Read Online and Download Unlimited


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with no set up required
  • Offers intuitive categories
  • Offers unlimited download of Manga comics
  • With built-in search tool
  • Allows you to bookmark favorite series
  • Offers notification for latest releases


  • Some comics do not have English subs
  • Lacks adult filter
  • Some Manga may not be suitable for young readers

Final Thoughts

Manga Unlimited is a comprehensive entertainment app with built-in comic book reader, download manager, and catalog. It offers tens of thousands of Manga comics and you can download them to your device. This is a must-have app for all Manga fans. 


Manga Unlimited - Read Online and Download Unlimited

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