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Pixel People app review: get access to the world of Utopia



The new mobile games are not only fun but also educational as they help us get a vivid image of the worlds that only exist in our minds. Pixel People is one such game that has generated massive popularity from all across the globe. It was developed by Chillingo Ltd and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices. English is the default language.

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Pixel People


How to Play the Game

Pixel People is an advanced app that is tailored to provide users with superpowers to create towns and their residents. It comes with superior Retina graphics to give you the best gaming experience. While in the world of Utopia you need to create 400 different Pixel people and find hidden animals through secret combinations and bonuses. Most of these bonuses are strategically located inside the buildings.

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To create variety and get a thrilling experience, try combing the various properties and characteristics of Utopia residents to come up with new occupants for your town. Each of them should be assigned a special role in the society; for instance, you can create Athlete Stanley Cupp, Judge Judy Schuss, or even Buccaneer Yoho Howe!

The interface is easy to navigate and very user-friendly as compared to other mobile applications in the market. For instance, you will get a clear view of the town as well as the residents that you create. You will have full control of their movements and can bring down the entire city at any time that you wish.

Best Features

The distinct pixilated art style is one of the major highlights that make this game special. The graphics are compatible with iPhone and iPad screen resolutions so you do not need to change any settings.

Money is another gaming challenge that you can take to test your skills and intelligence. For every game that you create for a Utopian resident, some money will be deposited to your virtual bank. This means that the more residents that you place in each building, the more money that you will make. Use the cash to build more residences or places of work for your people and even expand the land to occupy more people.

You can collect or buy Utopium to speed up the building process and reveal secret recipes for creating exotic residents. As the population in your town increases, some of the residents will fall in love. As a result, the app will reward you with a bonus for every 11 love hearts that you collect. The bonuses are either Utopium, coins, or a wild animal.

Pixel People


Pros and Cons


  • Fun and addictive
  • No Internet connection is required
  • Offers numerous gaming challenges
  • High-quality art style and graphics
  • Share your pixel people with friends on Facebook


  • Only available in one language

Final Thoughts

Pixel People is an fun game that can keep you busy during down time. The game is easy to play and very interactive.


Pixel People

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