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t Chess Pro app review: enjoy a thrilling chess game on your mobile device 2021



Chess is one of the most popular games in the world. Hundreds of tournaments and events are held across the globe help to bring together players.

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Having said that, you do not have to wait until the weekend or to attend such events to play this thrilling and addictive game. Tom Kerrigan has developed an iPhone chess app, t Chess Pro app for iPhone, that is tailored to provide you with a high-quality Chess game on your iDevice.

It is a perfect choice for both new and experienced players as the interface is easy to navigate. Continue reading our T Chess app review to see why some players think that this is one of the best iPhone apps for chess.

Chess - tChess Pro


Best Mobile Chess App

t Chess Pro is a tested and approved app that is designed by experts who have years of experience in this industry. One of the highlights that make it special is that it uses unique algorithms to simulate human opponents.

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This way, you will get the same gaming experience as you would when playing against a friend or colleague. In addition, it will help you master the art of making calculated moves and avoiding some of the common mistakes that players make.

The developers installed a top-tier Chess engine into it to help you make those calculated moves more conveniently and fast. Note that this engine is over 380 ELO points stronger than Caissa Chess.

There is also a Pro’s Analysis mode that you can activate to get expert opinion about the game or position in real-time. This information will help you to know which side is more likely to win. 

Best Mobile Chess App image

Best Features

t Chess Pro is no doubt a great app that you can use to play an exciting Chess game even during the wee hours of the night. It is an ideal choice for one or two players and you can also play against the app itself as it has a special algorithm that simulates a human opponent.

By downloading this application you will get an opportunity to play against any ELO rating from 500 to 2500. New players can also use the integrated “Learn Chess” e-book to learn more about the games such as the rules, tricks, and movement sequences.

There is also an opening library feature that you can use to explore Chess opening theory as you continue to play the game. If you like, you can use the PGN database to download and view PGN files on your device.

To provide the best gaming experience, t Chess Pro is designed to support three-stage time controls with Fischer increments. It is also possible to save and load games as well as export some of them in standard PGN format.

Finally, there is a profile feature that you can use to play top-rated games against the app.

Best Features  image

Chess - tChess Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Smart interface that clearly displays the chessboard
  • No Internet connection is required
  • Support three-game time controls


  • It is not possible to play against real players through the Internet

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

t Chess Pro is an awesome iTunes application that you can use to learn or hone your chess playing skills.

Chess - tChess Pro

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