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Teleport Game app review: an obstacle-dodging runner that's lots of fun



Teleport Game is an iPhone and iPad game that will have you jumping from point to point each time you touch the screen. You start as a magic ball, the white dot, that can teleport to the point that you touch on the screen, and you must keep the ball alive by dodging and avoiding the obstacle blocks.

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Teleport Game - Simple, Super-addictive and Fast-paced Arcade Fun


Teleport from Place to Place Avoiding Obstacles

Teleport Game will have you teleporting from place to place avoiding the obstacle blocks. As the game goes on, the obstacles increase to insanely crazy levels. Super-fast and easy-to-learn, this game will keep you on your toes!

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This fun game will help you boost your brain power since you must keep your concentration 100% on the game. If your hand-eye coordination isn’t ready to go, or you’re having an off day, you’ll definitely know with this game! While it has a simple interface, the game only starts going faster and faster and you’ll only have to dodge more and more obstacles. If you succeed though, you will get a higher score. The only one you have to compete against is yourself. Beat your high score, and keep trying to get better.

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Tap Through the Obstacles

When you first open Teleport Game, you will see a white ball and squares on the screen. All you have to do is get through those squares to keep going in the game. Hit an obstacle, and you’re out. Unfortunate, but that’s the rules! I also like that there is the option to pause the game. There are many different times that I’ve been playing a game and wanted to pause to talk to the kids quickly, and I couldn’t. If it was my best run, I’d be pretty annoyed that I couldn’t save my progress, so this is a nice touch.

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I also like that there is an easy to change music switch. I prefer to play my games without sounds, and the fact that I can turn it on and off so easily on the main screen rather than searching through the settings is a great touch!

Tap Through the Obstacles image

Teleport Game - Simple, Super-addictive and Fast-paced Arcade Fun


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun to play
  • Addictive
  • Dodge the obstacles
  • Pause easily
  • Switch off the music easily


  • None found

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Final Thoughts

Teleport Game is a fun iPad and iPhone game that will have you dodging your white ball around the square obstacles. The look is simple, the gameplay is straightforward, and I really enjoyed how easy it was to pick up and play. The screen displays your best score for dodging the obstacles and if you need to pause the game, then there’s an easy switch right on screen for that too! Overall, this was a great game to play, and I like the simplicity.

Teleport Game - Simple, Super-addictive and Fast-paced Arcade Fun

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