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Newsmeister app review: challenging and current trivia fun



Trivia games are not hard to find in the App Store – no matter what you’re interests are, you’re bound to find a trivia game that suits your unique personality. What isn't easy to find, is a trivia game that’s constantly updating its content. Even the best games tend to regurgitate the same questions over and over again only posting new trivia questions at infrequent intervals. Newsmeister totally goes against the grain in this respect. This great little trivia game post new questions daily and they’re all based on current events. The Newsmeister is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

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Newsmeister: Daily News Quiz


Test Your Trivia Knowledge

With so many trivia games to choose from in the App Store it’s not easy for developers to create something that really stands out. That’s what makes Newsmeister so refreshing. This app combines fun graphics, entertaining background music, and of course excellent trivia gameplay all in one package. If you’re a fan of Tim Burton’s works like The Nightmare Before Christmas then the overall approach of this app will really appeal to you – it’s got the same sort of creepy fun theme that he’s so famous for.

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There are just a couple of minor issues with the Newsmeister app that take away from it a little bit. You will have to deal with pop up ads at the end of every game but they don’t interfere with the actual gameplay at all so it’s not a major distraction. The other problem with this one is that the option to sign on as a guest didn’t seem to work – you can sign in using your Facebook account or by signing up with your email, but it would be nice to be able to try the app without having to sign in first so you can see if you like it. 

How to Play

With Newsmeister, there’s a new trivia game posted every day and each game is based on the day’s most recent headlines. Before you can get started though, you’ll have to sign-in with your Facebook account or email – this is a bit of a pain but it does allow you to interact with your friends that are playing the game as well. Once you’ve done this. all you have to do is tap on "play" and then select the day’s current challenge to play. The game will display about a week's worth of challenges. If you missed a day, then you can always go back and play it later.

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On the main play board there are 20 tiles to choose from. To complete the game you must select 15 of the 20 questions. The value of the questions in each column is displayed at the top of each column – starting at 250 on the left and increasing to 1000 on the right. The questions get more difficult as the value gets higher. To start playing you simply tap on a tile to reveal the question but be careful, each question does have a time limit. Once you’ve answered all 15 questions, your total score will be displayed. You can also view the Leaderboard to see how your score measures up with others. It’s highly addictive and a whole lot of fun.

Newsmeister: Daily News Quiz


Pros and Cons


  • Fun graphics and sound effects
  • Fresh questions posted daily
  • Questions are based on the day’s current events


  • Pop up ads
  • Guest log-in didn’t work

Final Words

If you love trivia and current events Newsmeister is an app you simply must have. This game combines great graphics and constantly updated content in a highly addictive package. This is a game you’ll keep coming back to again and again.


Newsmeister: Daily News Quiz

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