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Blood Pressure Monitor app review: your personal blood pressure and weight health monitor 2021



It is of paramount importance to monitor your health to cushion yourself from various common ailments. Taconic System LLC has developed a blood pressure monitor app called Blood Pressure Monitor that is tailored to transform your device into a blood pressure and health monitor.

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This is iPhone app for blood pressure is also compatible with other iDevices. Currently, it is available in multiple languages. 

Check out our blood pressure app review to see if this is one of the best iPhone apps for monitoring blood pressure. 

Blood Pressure Monitor


Smart Way of Monitor your Health

Blood Pressure Monitor is a dedicated app that cares about your health and overall wellness. It comes with a smart interface that is easy to navigate. Here, it displays statistics about your blood pressure and weight. You can actually send this report to your doctor via email to help him make informed decisions regarding your health.

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To make it easy to input data, the app comes with an optimized keyboard that is different from other conventional in the market. In addition, you can customize input data form at any time to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Smart Way of Monitor your Health image

Best Features

Medication correlation is one of the features that give this app an upper hand in the market. Basically, this feature is tailored to give your information on how your body responds to various medications. For instance, you will get to know how your body reacts to oral medications as well as injections.

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You can also use it to know blood pressure in your left and right arm. More importantly, you can use its built-in meal type tracking capability to know the amount of glucose that will be added to your blood.

To make it easy for all users to use and derive maximum utility from it, it is designed to generate graphical charts to depict the visual trend as well as warning signs. Each vital sign has its own graph to avoid any confusion. Swipe the interface to scroll the charts and get more data history.

The developers have worked smart to incorporate special features to enhance its ability to draw high quality charts.

By downloading this application, you will also be able to seamlessly synchronize all the data across your mobile devices that are supported. This means that you will be able to view your report across all your devices.

There is also an email/export feature that is designed to help you communicate with your doctor more conveniently. Basically, it gives you an opportunity to export the reports and charts in PDF, CSV or plain message.

By utilizing this feature, you will not need to drive to your doctor’s health facility to get medications or consult your doctor.

Best Features   image

Blood Pressure Monitor


Pros and Cons


  • All vital signs are presented in graphical charts
  • Can be used to track all your family members
  • Warning threshold values for blood pressure are adjustable


  • Nothing negative about this application

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Blood Pressure Monitor is a reliable iOS application that you can use to monitor your health. It is easy to use and very comprehensive.

Blood Pressure Monitor

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