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Doodle Sprint! app review: interactive and addictive mobile game



It is of paramount importance to come up with a way of relieving stress to cushion yourself from mental conditions that results from high stress levels. Stewart Thomson has developed a new iTunes application called Doodle Sprint! that you can play as you rest on your couch. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Currently, this application is only available in English.

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Doodle Sprint!


How to Play

Doodle Sprint! is a unique iTunes game that is addictive and interactive. It comes with a cool interface that makes it an ideal choice for all levels of players and age groups. To play, you just need to control the main character that appears on the interface. You need to run, jump, and roll over the clouds to get the highest score. This is quite easy; you just have to ensure that you run at a high speed and jump over barriers that are intentionally put along the way to test your ability to make quick moves.

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Your device does not have to be connected to the Internet as you play so you can play from anywhere in the world. However, it has Game Center Leaderboards that list scores of the best players to motivate other users. This list is updated on an hourly basis to ensure only the best players who have mastered the art of playing this game are recognized. 

Best Features

Doodle Sprint! is a excellent application that you can count on to test your ability to make moves fast. The developer worked to come up with five themes that are highly detailed to suit different preferences. Choose one that resonates with your personal taste and preferences.

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Stewart went a step further to include sound effects and HD graphics to give you the best gaming experience as you sprint across the barriers. Note that you do not have to change any settings on your device is the graphics are optimized for iPhones and iPads. 

You can also share your score with friends through various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. All you need to click the respective buttons when online to post your scores to your wall directly.

Another major highlight is that you will get a clear view of the barriers as you sprint so your chances of getting high scores in the long run are high.

Doodle Sprint!


Pros and Cons


  • Your device does not have to be connected
  • It is not geo-specific
  • You can share your scores with friends via social media platforms
  • Detailed themes that you can use to personalize your game
  • High-quality sound effects to make it even more fun to play the game
  • All graphics are in HD


  • It is prone to bugs and malware

Final Thoughts

Doodle Sprint! is a simple yet interactive and addictive mobile game that you can use to relax. It is pretty easy to play requires no prior skills or experience.


Doodle Sprint!

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