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Cartoon Sketch HD app review: create great sketches from your own photo gallery



The great thing about photo apps is that there’s something for everyone. Some of us like to turn our photos into cute little keepsakes with hearts and happy faces and others prefer to keep their photos a little more on the serious side. Whatever your personal preferences are there’s bound to be an app that will cater to your own unique set of needs. Turning your photos into sketch-style photographs is also a lot of fun and Cartoon Sketch HD is a great application for helping you with this task. This is one of the most powerful apps available for transforming your photographs to sketches. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Cartoon Sketch HD - Filter Booth to add Pencil Portrait Effect & Splash Color on Camera Photo


Great Sketch Creations

Transforming our photos into memorable pictures that will last a lifetime is something we all like to do and Cartoon Sketch HD is a great tool that can help you with this task. This app makes changing our everyday photos into powerful sketch-style pictures a breeze. You can also add a lot of personal touches to make your photo stand out even more. There other apps that let you transform photos into sketches but few of them possess the range of tools or versatility that come with Cartoon Sketch HD.

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While this app does have a lot of great tools, unfortunately it’s full of ads which really detract from its overall appeal. From the moment you open the app you’re bombarded with ads. There are banner ads along the bottom of the main interface as well as pop-up ads which present themselves from time to time. The other issue I had with this one is that some of the drawing effects simply don’t work that well. There are one or two tools that turn your photos into unrecognizable pixilated images that look like something from the mid '80s. This app will require 54.5 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How it Works

Once you’re able to get past the ads that great you when you open this app you’ll find a lot of powerful editing tools, but be careful if you stop using the app for more than a second or two you’ll be faced with more ads. There are several different sketch styles available for you to transform your pictures and all the tools are found in a user-friendly menu down the left-hand side of the app. At the top of the menu you’ll see the icon to find your photos to edit and below this you’ll find all the tools the app has available. There’s also a tool for adding text and your own artwork to the photos which is pretty cool. You’ll also find options for sharing your creations on this menu which includes all the popular social media applications.

Cartoon Sketch HD - Filter Booth to add Pencil Portrait Effect & Splash Color on Camera Photo


Pros and Cons


  • Great editing tools
  • Easy-to-use tools menu
  • Excellent social media sharing options


  • The app is full of ads
  • Some of the drawing effects are pixilated

Final Words

If you enjoy transforming your photos into new and fun creations you’ll likely enjoy Cartoon Sketch HD. This is a powerful little app with a lot of fun tools for turning your photos into sketch images. If it wasn’t for all the ads it would be easy to recommend this one. 


Cartoon Sketch HD - Filter Booth to add Pencil Portrait Effect & Splash Color on Camera Photo

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