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Password Secure Manager Lite Free app review: securing passwords using enterprise-grade encryption 2021



Password Secure Manager Lite Free, also known as Passkey Password Manager, offers enterprise-level encryption technology to secure all your passwords.

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This password manager app allows you to create a master passkey to lock your password database. This secure password app also supports Touch ID technology so you can access your database using your fingerprint.

Developed by Gladrap Studio, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Continue reading our password app review for more details on all that this password manager has to offer. 

Password Secure Manager App


The Easy and Secure Way to Lock Your Passwords

Remembering all your passwords can be a real pain especially if you have dozens of online accounts. If you are looking for a quick and secure solution to this problem, then you can try the Password Secure Manager Lite Free.
This app offers an easy to use password management system using enterprise-level encryption technology. It allows you to secure all your passwords in a single database. This means you only need to remember one passkey to access your online accounts. 
Password Secure Manager is available as a free download on the App Store. It allows you to store three passwords from three different online accounts. You can get an upgrade for the Lite version through in-app purchase so you can add more accounts to the password manager. 
When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to create a master passkey. You can also activate Touch ID to add another layer of security to the app. When activated, it will require you to touch the fingerprint scanning button so you can access the password database. 
After securing your passwords, you can now log-in to your online accounts with a single tap. The password manager integrates with the web browser and auto-fills the user ID and password fields. Once you finished an online session, just close the app in order to hide and lock your passwords. 
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The Easy and Secure Way to Lock Your Passwords image

Best Features of Password Secure Manager Lite Free

Password Secure Manager allows you to create one master pass key to access all your passwords. It also supports Touch ID technology to further secure your online accounts. 
This app uses the latest encryption technology that protects your passwords by creating unreadable scrambled data sets. Even the most sophisticated hacking robots will have a difficult time decrypting your passwords. 
One of the best features of this app is the intuitive account management dashboard. It can arrange your password database according to website type. It offers separate storage categories for online accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, and other sensitive IDs. 
Password Secure Manager automatically integrates with the web browser. It offers an auto-fill function so you can quickly access your online accounts. To hide and lock the user name and password, just close the app after each session. 
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Password Secure Manager App


Pros and Cons


  • Offers an intuitive user interface
  • Supports Touch ID technology
  • Allows you to create one master passkey
  • Automatically locks passwords when you close the app
  • Uses the latest encryption technology
  • Offers data backup via Dropbox


  • Requires in-app purchase so you can add more passwords

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Final Thoughts

Password Secure Manager Lite Free offers a convenient platform for securing your passwords. It uses enterprise-level encryption and supports Touch ID technology. It might not be the best password manager for iPad and iPhone users, but it is worth checking out to see if it meets your needs.

Password Secure Manager App

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