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Private Password.s Keeper app review: a secure password manager with self-destruct feature



Private Password.s Keeper is a secure platform that offers a well-designed password manager. This iPhone and iPad password manager app allows you to organize your passwords into custom categories for easy access. It uses strong encryption to protect your passwords and offers a unique self-destruct feature to prevent malicious hacking. 

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Lock Password Manager safe App


Say Goodbye to Forgotten Passwords

One of the best ways to secure sensitive information is to use different passwords for your online accounts but there is a good chance that you will forget some of your passwords. This means you can lose your online accounts especially if you don’t have a password recovery address.

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To prevent this problem you can download the Private Password.s Keeper to manage your passwords. This app allows you to use a master passcode to access all your online accounts.

Private Password.s Keeper is available as a free download with in-app purchase option. The free version allows you to store limited number of online accounts. To add more accounts, simply upgrade the app to the Pro version.

This app requires you to create a master passcode. This passcode is stored in your device and it cannot be accessed by the app’s developer.

After creating a master passcode you can then build your password database. Just add your online accounts in the app and organize them into categories. To access your accounts, open the built-in private browser of Password.s Keeper. The app automatically completes the username and password form fields whenever you access your online accounts.

The best part about this app is the self-destruct option. If it detects a sustained hacking activity, all data stored in the database will be wiped out automatically. This feature adds an extra layer of protection for your passwords. 

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Best Features

Private Password.s Keeper offers an easy to use password management dashboard with custom categories. It allows you to quickly add passwords to any category. You can also create custom categories if you want.

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The app uses local encryption and saves protected password data in your device. Only you have exclusive access to your sensitive information. More importantly, the app requires you to create a master passcode to protect your saved data.

One of the best features of Private Password.s Keeper is the self-destruct tool. It uses a unique algorithm that can detect a sustained hacking attack. If someone is trying to guess your passcode using brute-force tactics, the app automatically destroys all stored data. It will wipe the database to prevent the hacker from accessing your passwords.

Another great feature of the app is the built-in private browser. You can use this browser to access your online accounts. It also integrates with the password manager to allow one-tap access to your accounts.

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Lock Password Manager safe App


Pros and Cons


  • Offers easy-to-use dashboard
  • Intuitive category system
  • Allows you to classify passwords based on website types
  • Uses local encryption
  • Offers self-destruct feature
  • Built-in private browser


  • Free version allows limited accounts only
  • Requires in-app purchase to unlock the Pro version

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Final Thoughts

Private Password.s Keeper is a secure platform that offers a convenient password management dashboard. This password manager app allows you to create a single passcode to access all your online accounts. It also offers a unique self-destruct feature to prevent hacking.

Lock Password Manager safe App

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