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SlideIdea app review: creating professional presentations within minutes



SlideIdea is an iPad-only app that allows you to create stunning presentations within a few minutes. It offers a proprietary Express Slide Creation tool that automates the design process. It also allows you to broadcast your presentations to other iOS device via Wifi networks. 

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SlideIdea - Make Your Presentation Life Easier


Quickly Create Presentations with SlideIdea

Creating presentations can be time-consuming. The process requires you to design a background for each slide, create the content, and add transitions. It will probably take several hours before you can complete your presentation.
With SlideIdea, you can now create professional-grade presentations on auto-pilot. This app allows you to automate the design process so you can have a complete presentation within a few minutes. 
SlideIdea is available for free on the App Store. It works only on the iPad but you can broadcast your presentations to other iOS devices or upload them to SlideShare for public sharing. 
To create instant presentations, just choose the Express Slide Creation tool. You can then choose the content you want to include in your presentation. The app allows you to use photos, videos, texts, and other multimedia objects.
After selecting the content, you can allow the app to create slides for you. The app will take care of everything including background creation, layout design, effects, and other embellishments. After a few minutes, your slides will be ready and you can publish them as a complete presentation. 
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Best Features of SlideIdea

SlideIdea offers a full suite of publication tools that allow you to record presentations and publish them online. The app allows you to upload your presentations to the SlideIdea community or to SlideShare. You can also broadcast your presentations to other iOS devices via WiFi networks. 
The app offers a digital whiteboard for collaborative presentations. It allows you to annotate and make notes on each slide so you can fully explain your ideas to your audience. The whiteboard tool can be used during lectures, live presentations, and investment pitches. 
One of the key features of SlideIdea is the Express creation mode. This is the main selling point of the app. It allows you to automate the slide creation and design processes. Just input your content and the app will produce professionally designed slides for you.
Another great feature of the app is the auto-play function. You can create unique presentations with innovative play-mode transitions. It allows you to set special transitions so you can fully control the flow of your presentations. 
SlideIdea allows you to import finished presentations from your computer. It supports PPT direct import so you can display the slides on your iPad. 
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SlideIdea - Make Your Presentation Life Easier


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with minimalist workflow
  • Express slide creation
  • Allows you to publish presentations via WiFi networks
  • Allows you to upload presentations to SlideShare
  • Offers a catalog of slide designs created by other users.
  • Whiteboard tool for collaborative presentations
  • Works offline


  • Lacks auto-save feature
  • Needs to add more design elements

Final Thoughts

SlideIdea offers an easy way to create professional presentations. It allows you to automate the design process through its proprietary Express Slide Creation tool. If you are looking for a user-friendly presentation app, then SlideIdea is perfect for you.


SlideIdea - Make Your Presentation Life Easier

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