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Smobile Free - For Craigslist app review: a full-featured client for your Craigslist business



Smobile Free is a mobile client that allows you to access the features, products, and services of Craigslist. It is an officially licensed Craigslist app and you can use it to manage your Craigslist business. It offers convenient tools so you can quickly post product listings and browse available products for sale. Developed by Qibing Yu, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Smobile Free - For Craigslist


Get Access to Craigslist from Your Mobile Device

Are you looking for an easier way to efficiently manage your Craigslist business? Or maybe you just want to browse available products and services on the site? Smobile Free could be the answer to your questions.

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Smobile Free is a standalone mobile client for Craigslist. It allows you to manage your seller account directly from your iOS device. You can also use this app to browse products and services on Craigslist.

The app is officially licensed by Craigslist and it is available for free in the App Store. This version is ad-supported so you have to expect some pop-up ads appearing on your screen. If you want to remove the pop-up ads, you can upgrade the app to a Pro version.

When you load the app, you will be welcomed by the familiar Craigslist interface. If you are using a GPS-enabled device, the app will detect your city and will give location-specific product suggestions for you.

You can override the geo-location tracking by using the built-in search tool. The app allows you to locate any city so you can browse products from that area.

If you are a seller, you can use Smobile as a merchant management tool. You can log-in to the app using your Craigslist credentials. After this, you will be able to post new products, edit your listings, and respond to buyer queries. 

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Best Features of Smobile Free

Smobile Free offers a well-designed home screen and product pages. The app displays available products in a grid format. Just scroll down the screen to browse thousands of available listings.

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This app allows you to view detailed product information, price, and photos. You can send messages to the seller directly from the app. You can also find the actual location of the seller by using the built-in map locator.

Smobile Free supports multi-city search. You can allow the app to find nearby cities using GPS and localization services. It also allows you to use the search function to find cities by zip code.

One of the best features of the app is the multiple photo upload. It allows you to upload several photos at once so you can save time. You can also edit photo descriptions, time stamps, and other data directly from the app.

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Smobile Free - For Craigslist


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with familiar interface
  • Offers a convenient account management dashboard
  • Allows you to post product photos
  • Allows you to edit listings
  • Built-in contact tools
  • Offers built-in maps
  • Uses GPS to auto-locate nearby cities


  • Intrusive pop-up ads
  • Constant use of GPS quickly drains device battery

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Final Thoughts

Smobile Free is a licensed Craigslist client. You can use this Craigslist app for iPhone and iPad to access your Craigslist account. If you want to use a simple platform to buy and sell products, then this app is perfect for you.

Smobile Free - For Craigslist

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