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CSmart for Craigslist app review: an advanced browser to find products on Craigslist-2021



The CSmart app t is a full-featured browser designed specifically to find products and services on Craigslist. This CSmart for Craigslist app offers several smart tools including multi-city saved search, smart grouping, auto search notification, and many more.

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Automatic search notifications of csmart app will keep an eye on your favourite searches without all the time and effort. This app for craigslist automatically notifies you when a new item is found that you’re searching for. With convenient interface you can quickly see how many saved searches have new notifications from CSmart’s main menu.

It offers high-quality product photos with complete descriptions, time stamps, prices, location, and contact tools. Developed by Stock Spy Apps, CSmart for Craigslist is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and it just might be the best Craigslist app. 

CSmart Classifieds & Feeds


Quickly Find the Best Products with CSmart for Craigslist

Craigslist is the biggest online marketplace that offers millions of products and services. Unfortunately, finding the right products and sellers on the site can be very challenging. That is why you need to take a good look at CSmart for Craigslist.

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The Craigslist app is an exclusive Craigslist browser with intelligent search features. It is a standalone e-commerce platform that allows you to find the best product listings. Csmart for craigslist allows you to add customizable “search templates”.

These let you use search forms tailored to work with specific classifieds services or other public APIs (for example RSS feeds). You can monitor and search an infinite number classifieds or other services. This unique feature easily makes it one of the best craigslist app.

CSmart for Craigslist is a free app with in-app purchase option. You can immediately use this app even if you don’t have a Craigslist account.

The app can detect your location and it will display featured products from nearby cities. The home screen shows product thumbnails in grid format. You can scroll down the screen in order to browse more products. Just tap any thumbnail in order to view a detailed product page with HD photos, descriptions, location, price, and seller contact information.

To search products from other locations, just open the app’s built-in search engine. This tool allows you to locate sellers by post code. You can also use the search tool to find products by keywords. 

Quickly Find the Best Products with CSmart for Craigslist image

Best Features of CSmart for Craigslist

CSmart for Craigslist offers automatic search notifications. It can remember your past search history and will send you an alert when a new product is posted in your chosen category. You can control the notification alerts from the settings menu.

This Craigslist app for iPhone and iPad offers an intelligent search engine that supports multi-city searches. It allows you to view products from other locations and saves your searches in the app history.

One of the best features of CSmart is the built-in product browser. The app allows you view the full listing side by side with your personal search history. It also supports all categories listed on Craigslist except personal section.

The app allows you to sort and filter search results by city, product groups, price points, and dates. You can arrange products in groups for quick access. You can also mark any product with a star. Marked products are automatically saved by the app in your favorite folder.

And lastly, this app supports retina display for iPad. It offers sharp product photos with highly visible thumbnails. 

Best Features of CSmart for Craigslist  image

CSmart Classifieds & Feeds


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with intuitive user interface
  • Supports Craigslist’s major categories
  • Allows multi-city search
  • Offers automatic notifications for new listings
  • With detailed product pages
  • Allows you to group products
  • Uses localization service to find products from nearby cities


  • Requires in-app purchase to unlock the Pro version

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

CSmart for Craigslist is an exclusive browser which you can use to find the best products from Craigslist. It offers smart search features with auto notifications and geo-locator. If you are regular Craigslist buyer, then this is a must-have app for you.

CSmart Classifieds & Feeds

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