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Best Secret Folder app review: maximum security for your photos, videos, and documents-2021



Technology has led to the development of a secret folder app that you can use to store your personal files securely. One such application is Best Secret Folder. This photo storage app was developed by RV AppStudios LLC and has generated millions of downloads from all across the globe.

The best vault apps for the iPhone

Currently, the default language is English for this photo vault app. Let's dig deeper to see if you think this is the best vault app for iPhone and iPad. 

Best Secret Folder


Keep your Personal Data Secure

Best Secret Folder is a one of-a-kind iOS app that you can use to secure your private photos and videos on your mobile device. To do this it uses standard encryption technology that is advanced and cannot be hacked into by hackers.

Best iphone and ipad apps

One of the highlights of using this application is that it is very easy to use as compared to other similar application. The interface is very user friendly and easy to navigate.

This makes it an ideal choice for both new and experienced users. For example, to add a file, you just need to select it and it will instantly be added to the app’s secure database.

To make it even more convenient to access the files, the developers have added a feature that allows you to group the videos and pictures in albums. In addition, you can view them using grid or list format. It all depends on your personal taste and preferences.

Keep your Personal Data Secure image

Best Features

One of the best features that make it the most secure app for storing personal data is the fact that it has the ability to capture a photo and location of the intruder if login fails four times when activated.

The photo will be sent to your email address and the intruder will not even notice that their photo was taken as it activates the front camera discretely.

There is also a clear security log history to ensure that nobody knows how often that you use the app. The developers have also gone a step further to add a special feature that shows fake videos if the intruder successfully manages to log in. This means that no one will ever access your files without your consent.

You can lock the app using a pattern or password. This information is stored in a secure server and will never be shared without your consent. No need to view the files using other programs as you can do so from the app using its multiple view options.

If you have large libraries, you can create an unlimited number of media folders to help you access your documents with ease. Note that all videos and photos will be protected by password, so choose one that is easy to remember to avoid being locked out.

Best Features   image

Best Secret Folder


Pros and Cons


  • Uses standard encryption that is hack-proof
  • No limit on the number of files and folders that you can create
  • View files directly from the app
  • No Internet connection is required
  • Send you a photo of the intruder


  • Nothing negative about this application

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Best Secret Folder is a simple yet powerful app that you can use to secure your private files on your mobile devices.

Best Secret Folder

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