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iSmartAlarm Home Security System app review: a handy remote control for arming and disarming iSmart system 2021



iSmartAlarm alpp is a do-it-yourself security system that offers complete equipment for securing your home. This iSmart sercurity app serves as a remote control for the iSmart system. It allows you to arm or disarm and disarm your iSmartAlarm home security system even when you are away from home.

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It supports video capture so you can view what’s going on in the house. This is a home security app for iPhone and it also works with iPad and iPod Touch. Let's see if the hype found in the iSmart alarm reviews are worthy of a download. 



Enjoy Better Security with iSmartAlarm App

iSmartAlarm is a security company known for its range of products designed to secure modern homes. It produces smart gadgets including iCube, iCamera Keep, Contact Sensor, Motion Sensor, and many more. The company offers a DIY system which means you can set up the devices on your own.

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The iSmartAlarm app serves as a remote control for the security system. By downloading the app in your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to control the iSmart gadgets from a remote location.

As a universal app, you will be able to install it in other iOS devices. You can set up the app in your iPhone, in your husband’s tablet, and in your children’s Touch gadgets and smartphones.

The app does not require complicated set up. It also offers basic touch control navigation so you can quickly access the iSmart gadgets.

The key component of this app is the control menu. From the control page, you will be able to activate or disarm any installed security features in your home. It also shows the status of the security system.

The app is offered for free on the App Store. But you have to remember that the iSmartAlarm system is not free. The app only serves as a remote control with extra features including push notification and video monitoring.

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Best Features of iSmartAlarm Home Security System

The iSmartAlarm app offers an easy to use interface with simple workflow. It is well-designed with tabbed pages and quick access menus at the bottom of the screen.

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The app allows you to add family members into the security loop. This way, everyone in your home can monitor break-ins or illegal entry. Designated members can also receive security notification when your iSmart gadgets detect unusual activities.

One of the most useful features of the app is the security notification with video feed. This is the key strength of the iSmartAlarm system. When the security system has been triggered, the app automatically notifies you. The app allows you to download any security clip captured by the iCamera system.

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Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use with professional design.
  • Offers good workflow and simple navigation.
  • With quick access to remote control.
  • Offers visible icons.
  • Allows you to add more family members.
  • Supports video monitoring.
  • Sends security notification when the system has been triggered.


  • Works only with iSmartAlarm security system.
  • May send false alarms when motion sensor is activated.

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Final Thoughts

iSmartAlarm Home Security System app allows you to keep a close watch on your home from a remote location. The app can control your home security system and it offers extra features including push notification and video support.


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