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Presence app review: turning old iOS devices into a secure surveillance camera-2020



Presence app is an iPad and iPhone home security app that can transform your old iOS device into a self-contained home surveillance camera. Download the Presence app for iPhone on an old iDevice and use it every day to monitor your home.  Position the device with the presence iPhone app in the direction you want to watch and secure. You'll get recorded video alerts when something happens.

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The app uses your WiFi connection to stream live videos to your primary monitoring device. It also offers a private web interface where you can watch the videos in real time. Check out our Presence app review for more great features about this app and also take a look at our best home security apps list for more options.

Presence Video Security Camera


A Cheaper Remote Surveillance System for Your Home

Setting up a dedicated remote security system with video capabilities can be very expensive. Although using age-old technologies, security companies still charge premium rates for live video surveillance. You also need to buy expensive equipment including a server, cameras, storage disks, and other peripherals.

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With Presence, you can instantly set up a free home video surveillance system within seconds. This app turns your old iOS devices into security cameras and streams real-time videos to your primary device.

To set up the system, you should install Presence on two devices. Your old device can serve as the camera and the other one as monitor. Then, load the app on both devices and log-in to your Presence account using email.

Position the camera in a place that you want to keep an eye on. You can set it up inside the baby room, in front of the door, or any place you want to monitor. Once you activate the system, the app will start streaming live videos to your primary device.

You have to make sure that the camera device is plugged into a power source to maintain good video output. The app will keep your device open to ensure continuous video feed.

Presence allows remote viewing through web connectivity. The video feed passes through the app’s servers and it will be relayed to your monitoring device.

A Cheaper Remote Surveillance System for Your Home image

Best Features of Presence

Presence offers a practical alternative to expensive security systems. It turns old iOS devices into dedicated security cameras for your home or office. Leveraging the superior multimedia capabilities of Apple, the app can capture and stream clear videos in real time.

Using motion detection, the app will send alert notifications to you when it detects movement within its range of sight. It captures a five-second video clip and sends it to you via email. You can then log-in to your Presence account if you want to monitor the camera in real time.

With live audio/video streaming and on-demand video recording, Presence app for iPhone makes a great DIY home security camera system. In this presence app review you will know how to organize multiple simultaneous viewers connecting to a single camera at the same time.

Presence allows you to capture photos and record videos while monitoring. Just tap the capture button if you want to take a picture or record a video.

The app supports two-way video conferencing. This feature works like video chat. It allows you to talk to someone at home through video and audio chat.

Best Features of Presence image

Presence Video Security Camera


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with no complicated set up
  • Offers clear video feeds
  • Allows remote video monitoring
  • Offers built-in photo and video capture
  • Supports 2-way video and audio chat
  • With motion detection sensor
  • Sends alert notifications when motion is detected


  • Requires fast Internet connection
  • Has ads asking you to buy Pro account

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Presence transforms your old iOS device into a security camera and surveillance system. It allows you to stream live videos to your primary monitoring device. If you want to secure your home or office without spending a fortune, then this is the perfect app for you.

Presence Video Security Camera

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