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Stick It Action app review: create your own animation figures in seconds



Stick It Action is a simple graphics editor that allows you to create stick figure animations. It allows you to control the scene sequence by manipulating the movable points of the stick figures. You can then take snapshots of each sequence to create seamless animations with backgrounds, effects, and colors. Developed by Stick It Productions, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Stick It Action


How to Play

Have you ever wondered how you can create your own action-packed stick figure animations? With Stick It Action, your dreams will surely come true. This app offers an easy to use graphic editor that allows you to manipulate the movements of stick figures.

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To create your first animation, just load the app to open the storyboard editor. The app allows you to select from a set of different backgrounds including a blank canvas, a castle, a street, a warehouse, and more. You can also import a picture from the camera roll and use it as background.

Next, add any number of stick figures you need for the scene and place them on the screen. Double-tap a figure to open the movement editor. You can now manipulate its movements by using the on-screen control buttons. Double-tap the figure again to apply the movement and return to the scene.

There are dozens of available objects in the app including trees, guitars, explosions, blood spatter, and weapons. Add any object to the scene and it will be included in the final animation. You can also add sound effects to make your animations more engaging. Then, apply speech bubbles to let your stick figures talk with each other.

Once you finish a scene, take a snapshot to save it. Repeat the whole editing process while taking snapshots for every completed scene. The more frames you create, the smoother your animations will look on actual video. 

Best Features

Stick It Action offers an easy to use figure editor with 11 movable points. The movement editor allows different range of motions such as running, jumping, ducking, walking, and diving. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating unique movements for the stick figures.
The app offers dozens of different objects which you can use to add more life to your animated scenes. There are also 40 different sound effects and several colorful background options. 
One of the best features of the app is the automated firing sequence. If your figures are using weapons, just set a firing trajectory and the app automatically creates a bullet sequence.
And lastly, the app allows you to upload complete animations to YouTube. You can share your stick figure video with your friends. 
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Stick It Action


Pros and Cons


  • Offers an easy-to-use animation editor
  • Allows you to add movements, backgrounds, objects, and sound effects
  • Color palette for creating colorful figures
  • Responsive touch control for easy editing
  • Supports auto-save
  • Allows you to share animations to YouTube



  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

Stick It Action uses stop-motion technique to create action-packed stick figure animations. It offers a wide range of options including custom storyboards, movement editor, objects, sound effects, and many more. This is a recommended app for everyone. 


Stick It Action

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