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Treble Cat app review: learn to read music



Treble Cat - Learn To Read Music is an iPhone and iPad app that will help you effortlessly improve your music sight reading skills. Designed in collaboration with professional musicians and educators, it’s sure to engage you, your child, or your student in learning.

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Treble Cat - Learn To Read Music


Play to Learn

Treble Cat is a highly entertaining game designed to help both kids and adults learn how to quickly identify notes in the treble clef. By playing through this game, you can learn to effortlessly identify notes, and you will enjoy improving your sight reading skills. It’s a very fun game to play, and while educational, you don’t have to worry about the way of learning because it’s fun!

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Learning should be fun. Kids do a lot better when they don’t have to worry about doing exercises, and when you turn the learning into a game, then of course learning is fun! This specific game was designed and created in collaboration with professional musicians and educators, so not only is it designed to educate, it is designed to educate well.


There are several different activities in Treble Cat. There are identifications for do, re, me; find every E and F; and collect every C are some examples. I like that the notes are on the clef so that you have to find them properly. There are notes ranging from middle C up to high G. Once you learn the patterns of one clef, you can transfer your knowledge to master the bass clef, and I appreciate that they kept this particular game to the treble clef only.

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I did give this to my kids, but my oldest was the only one who really caught on. My seven-year-old wasn’t quite ready for reading the music just yet, but if we work together then she can learn well with this app. My 12-year-old, on the other hand, has been working on reading music at school, and he was able to pick up on the games fairly easily.

Treble Cat - Learn To Read Music


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun to play
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Treble clef only to develop that staff first


  • Does not include the bass clef, but as I mentioned, I actually appreciate this

Final Thoughts

Treble Cat - Learn To Read Music is an iPhone and iPad educational game that will help you learn how to read the treble clef. It does not include the bass clef, but as I mentioned in my review, I appreciate this. It forces the student to master the treble clef prior to attempting to learn the bass, and once the treble is mastered, the patterns can be transferred rather easily to the bass clef anyway. I enjoyed this app, and I will be using it in our homeschooling music lessons. It will definitely be useful in helping my kids learn to read music.


Treble Cat - Learn To Read Music

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