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Minecraft Papercraft Studio app review: offering ready-made paper models of Minecraft characters 2021



If you love Minecraft and you’re into paper crafting, then the Minecraft Papercraft Studio app is perfect for you.

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This papercraft Minecraft app allows you to create and print custom Minecraft paper models. It offers hundreds of models including Steve and Alex, mobs, items, and blocks.

The craft stuido Minecraft app also offers access to hundreds of thousands of community-contributed skins which you can use to further customize your paper models.

Developed by 57Digital, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Let's see how it stacks up against other Minecraft papercraft apps. 

Minecraft: Papercraft Studio


Create Your Own World with Minecraft Papercraft Studio

There’s good news for all paper craft artists out there. 57Digital, known for its line of Minecraft-inspired apps, is now offering a design tool that allows you to create paper models of your favorite Minecraft characters and items.

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With Minecraft Papercraft Studio, you will be able to design and print 3D models of Steve, mobs, items, and blocks. You can then use your finished models as decorative items or create a paper-based Minecraft world.

Just choose what type of model you want to create from the home screen. Then, customize your model by choosing different options such as model size, clothing, cape, armor, and other available design element. The app creates a pattern with fold markers and perforated lines.

Scroll down the customization screen to find the delivery options. If you want a PDF copy, then tap the Open PDF File tab or select the Email the PDF option. You can then download the pattern to your computer and print it using standard printer.

If you want to immediately print a paper model pattern, just tap the AirPrint option to get a hard copy of your design. The app also offers a download link so you can print your designs from a web browser.

Create Your Own World with Minecraft Papercraft Studio image

Best Features of Minecraft Papercraft Studio

Papercraft Studio offers hundreds of print-ready Minecraft characters and items including Alex and Steve, mobs, and blocks. Some of the most popular mobs supported by this app include chicken, creeper, bat, cow, and donkey. All paper models are completely customizable.

The app allows you to customize the size, clothing, and accessories of your Minecraft characters. It offers an easy to use design page where you can select different customization options.

One of the best features of this app is the crowd-sourced gallery of skins. It allows you to browse more than 700,000 types of skins contributed by the Papercraft Studio community. You can then use the skins for your own designs.

Another great feature of the app is its support for different delivery options. It allows you to print models via AirPrint. You can also get PDF copies of complete patterns via email or through direct download link.

Best Features of Minecraft Papercraft Studio image

Minecraft: Papercraft Studio


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a simple customization tool
  • Hundreds of print-ready paper models
  • Offers a preview of completed designs
  • More than 700,000 custom skins


  • Requires additional purchase to unlock more design packs

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Minecraft Papercraft Studio offers a convenient tool that allows you to create paper-based Minecraft models. It offers thousands of 3D models, skins, avatars, and items. If you want to create your own Minecraft-inspired paper world, then this is a good app for you.

Minecraft: Papercraft Studio

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