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Adobe eSign Manager DC app review: digital signing at its best 2021



Adobe eSign Manager DC is the quintessential documents app for iPhone that can be used by any type of business.  This esign app for iPhone pairs years of experience in the digital world with safe, accurate, legally binding signature work with ease of access and convenience.  

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This good iPhone app for documents takes the waiting time out of document signing and keeps business moving smoothly. Check out our Adobe eSign app review for more details. 

Adobe Sign – Form Filler



Adobe eSign Manager D.C. used to be Adobe Echo Sign.  This is a streamlined process meant to quickly manage and close business deals using the eSign app. 

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With over 20 years in the digital document business and over 37 million users worldwide, Adobe eSign dominates the digital domain.  Adobe eSign effectively ends the paper trail.

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Digital Dominance

This app is loaded with features but all are necessary to safeguard, streamline, protect and keep track of business deals sealed with a signature. 

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For a business on the go,  this app allows you to open and sign documents directly using a stylus or finger.  For documents you have to sign, simply sign and click your approval. 

You can delegate signing to someone else or reject the request to deal with later.  It allows you to save these forms for later or sign it offline for synching later on.

For dealing with others in the business world, the app allows you to send documents for signing from an online documents library, another device or via email.  Adobe works with Google drive, Box, Dropbox or cloud storage.

When storing and managing documents, it's clear that Adobe knows how to handle this as well.  The app allows you to track and merge documents with real time signing capability. 

It sends you reminders for documents that are awaiting signatures.  You can view all your documents in your online accounts and all parties get certified copies of signed documents automatically via email.

The document services via the Adobe eSign app are all legally binding.  The service complies with the US federal ESign Act and Electronics Commission Directive in the EU. 

All signed documents are encrypted and marked certified PDF’s when saved.  Each transaction has a complete audited trail that details every event from start to finish. 

Adobe eSign is SSAE16 compliant, has an authentication key for full privacy, explicit consent and fraud protection.  It requires, also, that there be full consumer disclosure.

A full service app that leaves nothing undone and nothing to chance.

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Adobe Sign – Form Filler


Pros and Cons


  • Makes physical signing obsolete
  • Secure
  • Paper trail from start to finish
  • Compliant and legally binding
  • Full of failsafe’s and back ups


  • To use you must have a subscription with one of the following program services:
  • Adobe Send for Signature
  • Adobe PDF Pack
  • Adobe Acrobat DC

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Final Thoughts

If you are in a business where signatures are required regularly (real estate, contract law, etc.) this is an app you will want to have as a part of your online tools. 

Its mobility makes it easy to take a client from start to completion without any waiting for signatures.  It is safe, effective and easy to use. 

You never have missing paperwork or lost signatures with this app as everything is backed up and filed automatically.  For completeness and ease of access as well as ease of use, this is the top program for e signing.  

Adobe Sign – Form Filler

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