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Best Secret Folder app review: private pictures protected-2021



This secret folder app for pictures and videos is a great way to keep your private files safe from prying eyes.  No more panicking when someone borrows your phone or tablet because of pictures or videos that are meant to remain private. This top secret folder app will protect your privacy and ensure your secrecy.  

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Simply add the video from your library or record directly thru the secret app for pictures. The app is password protected so no one will be able to access your videos/photos. View the videos/photos in an easy to view albums, you can even group your video and later view them in grid view or list view in secret folder on iphone.

This app instills confidence with security measures that intimidate nosey people and keep your private moments private.  See our best vault apps list for more great options.

Best Secret Folder


Look Closely

You will want this secret folder app in times when you need an extra layer of security to protect your multimedia files and documents from prying eyes. If you are looking for a secure container that hides as a typical app, you should seriously consider installing top secret folder on your iDevice.

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At first, this looks like your typical safety folder but looking further, the security is quite advanced.  Definitely a smart and easy way to keep your photos safe and secure from people using your phone or stealing it.

Look Closely image

Points of Interest

This app is packed with features to keep tabs on the activity surrounding your photos and videos.  The first line of defense is a password or pattern login.  There is a four attempt maximum before the app goes on lock down.  Once you login, you can move pictures to and from the app with ease.  The space is unlimited and easily accessed.  You can email videos straight from the folder to whoever you want to.

Once locked, the fail safes begin.  There is an alarm to catch anyone attempting to access your photos.  If someone makes 4 failed attempts at opening the secret folder, the phone captures a photo of the person and the location of the phone when it happened.  The app will then email you a photo of the intruder including the time and date of the intrusion. 

The icon will also display a number showing the attempts to break into your file.  There is also a cool trick that can be activated – it is called intruder stopper and it will let the intruder think they have breached your security by playing fake videos.  Some of this may seem unnecessary but it is fun.

Beyond the cool intruder alerts, there are other basic options as well.  You have unlimited space to import and export all the videos and pictures you want or need.  You also have the ability to move, rename and delete videos and pictures right from the folder.  It also keeps a log of all the successful and unsuccessful login attempts, pin attempts and more.

Points of Interest image

Best Secret Folder


Pros and Cons


  • Great security
  • Easy access to files
  • Intruder information
  • Activity around file recorded
  • Free app
  • IPhone and iPad compatible


  • When moving photos to folder, there is no highlighting or check mark to show which photos you sent.  This causes multiple copies and confusion in general.  A fix for this would make it perfect.
  • Deleting folders from camera roll not automatic and must be done manually.
  • Requires iOS 6 or above

Pros and Cons image


 Back in the day, there were diaries with lock and key.  You thought your secrets were safe until someone broke the lock and had a peek at your private life.  This is the digital version of that – but, way more technologically advanced and secure. 

Unlike that diary of old, this actually does keep everyone out and lets you know who, where and when someone tries to get in.  It's a very simple app to set up and use and will truly keep your photos and videos private. 

Best Secret Folder

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