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Workshare Connect for Mobile app review: complete office on the go



Created by London-based Workshare, the Workshare Connect for Mobile is an extension of their award-winning programs. This app can be used alone or in conjunction with Workshare itself. It contains access to everything you would need in an office, but places it all at your fingertips:  anywhere and at any time.

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Workshare Mobile



Workshare Connect for Mobile is a safe, easy, and efficient way to gather information and people together to compose, edit, and plan. Rigid security keeps information safe yet easy for those involved to access. No more putting off projects, plans or meetings: it is all available to you at the flick of a stylus or your finger to keep your mobile office as efficient as your home base.

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The Finer Points

Workshare Connect has some really decent features that are enhanced by ease of access.  It is accessible through iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (iOS 7.0 or later) so whether you have your tablet or phone with you, you can keep in touch with everyone and everything while on the go.

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For groups, workshare makes it possible to bring ideas to the table and connect with other people while being mobile. Security allows for safe chatting and notes to be exchanged without having to use email. No matter who is working on what aspect of a project, all the information can be sent directly from email to clients, customers and co-workers for review and changes.  This app is very convenient.

"Busy" is sometimes an understatement and being notified of things to take care of or deadlines or even questions to tackle during a meeting can be a real time-saver. Notification cards are notes that pop up to help manage the work load, reminding and keeping tabs on important items. You have the choice to open them up or delete.

The days of the hand-carried briefcase are almost obsolete. Workshare takes the idea to a new level as the briefcase makes files and comments available offline. You can respond, edit, and change these files and they will automatically sync when you get back online, which is all very convenient and easy.

Workshare is a strong app for sharing files and applications for collaboration with security and ease of access. It now has the opportunity to open files up directly from Microsoft office iOS, which is a new feature, as well as upload multiple photos. 

Once the app is downloaded, if you find you need assistance, the Workshare website has an excellent support team that is available anytime.  Just go to the website and click the support tab.  

The Finer Points image

Workshare Mobile


Pros and Cons


  • Ease of access to files and information
  • Connecting with others is simple
  • Secure
  • Mobile Office and so much more
  • Collaborating made easy
  • Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Available in four languages


  • None at this time

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Final Analysis

For those whose jobs have them putting together projects, presentations, and reports, and expect them to keep on the move, this app is perfect. The ability to keep in touch with clients and co-workers to make changes and edits via mobile is a time-saver. This is the best free mobile office app available, completely secure and reliable, with offline capability and syncing. Collaborating has never been easier or more productive than it is or can be with the Workshare mobile app.

Workshare Mobile

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