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Are you Quick Enough? - The Ultimate Reaction Test app review: fast fingers rule



When your brain is engaged, how quickly do your fingers react? Do you think you are fast? Are you Quick Enough? is sure to put you in your place. It is a game of speed and accuracy: can you do a simple task as fast as you think you can? How fast can you enter a combination or set a clock? It sounds simple but when the clock is ticking, will you fail or finish strong?

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Are You Quick Enough? - The Ultimate Reaction Test


Speed is Key

With texting a way of life, people’s brain-to-fingers reaction time has increased leaps and bounds. Are you Quick Enough? seeks to challenge and test that brain to finger connection with timed challenges. The race is against the clock and your dexterity to see how fast you can complete the task. There are 44 different challenges with four unlockable bonus challenges. The bonus challenges are extra hard to stump and stymie even the fastest competitor. The game keeps your stats so that you can challenge yourself again and again, reaching for a faster, perfect score. Though incredibly addictive, the game isn’t one to make you frustrated and crazy; instead, it pushes you to quick, brain-stimulating tasks where your reaction time is everything.  

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Quick Highlights

The Are you Quick Enough? app is full of different themes and elements to keep you intrigued and coming back for more.  It wakes up your mind and tests your speed and agility.  It doesn’t interfere with your phones function as interruptions are smoothly handled with the apps ability to switch back and forth so you can pick up the test right where you left off.  With music pumping to encourage action, the apps sights and sounds can either prompt you along or drive you to the brink of insanity.  Challenging, addictive and fast paced – it’s the kind of game you can’t put down for long.  If you do happen to stall on a certain level, there is the Quick Pass option for purchase of 99 cents to help you skip ahead. This is a great game to challenge each other on, although the goal of reaching three stars is a challenge for you to own.

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Are You Quick Enough? - The Ultimate Reaction Test


Pros and Cons


  • A lot of levels
  • Fast app Switch
  • Compatible with iOS 7
  • iPhone 5 Retina display
  • For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • Training version available
  • Version 2 and 3 available
  • Pro version available


  • Ad pop-ups in the middle of gameplay
  • Music can be repetitive and annoying


Are you Quick Enough? is definitely a game that will keep your mind sharp and hands busy. The manufacturer suggests using the game to impress members of the opposite sex or as a tool for sibling humiliation. It could possibly be a warm-up for a piano recital or for school testing to engage the brain and fingers. Whatever reasoning you have to show your speedy brain and fingers off, this app will do the trick. It's fun, addictive, challenging, and definitely download-worthy since it pushes your skills but won’t make you want to launch your device across the room in frustration.  


Are You Quick Enough? - The Ultimate Reaction Test

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