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Lets Bowl 2: Free Multiplayer Bowling app review: strike or a spare, the challenge is there 2021



When you purchased your latest Apple device, your goal was probably something other than participating in an app for bowling. Regardless, you have a chance to do so now with one of the most fun, easy and graphically mastered bowling apps: Lets Bowl 2 multiplayer bowling game.

The best iPad apps for bowling games

This bowling app combines bowling basics with stunning 3D graphics and scenery that blows away the competition as it's being hailed as one of the best bowling apps for iPhone.

Unlike at the bowling alley, where shoes, beer smoke and noise rule, you can now bowl in your own living room where you can wear what you want, be where you want and chances are you won’t get in a brawl with your competition. It's clearly at the top of any list for two player bowling games

Keep reading our app review to see how Let's Bowl 2 compares to the best bowling games for iOS users. 

Lets Bowl 2


Technologically Advanced Bowling

With the Lets Bowl 2 app, you are brought into this centuries latest and greatest technological marvels. Incredible scenes with 3D enhancements all embracing the stunning role of physics and special effects.

The best iPhone apps for bowling games

The pins look real, the ball, the alley and the reflection on the floor all contribute to that real bowling experience. You will start with the first alley and upon getting a win, you move to the next alley: the pattern repeating with new alleys at each level.

Though graphically enhanced the controls are simple yet precise, making each roll head in the direction and manner you intended. Adding to the fun are the bowling bucks; for every strike, spare and point you get, you receive one bowling buck.

These bucks can be exchanged at the virtual bowlers pro shop.  There you can purchase upgrades with your bucks such as 7 additional alleys and 29 different balls, each with their own unique power of scoring. The additions do add a different mystic to the game but one that is fun and somewhat addicting.

Technologically Advanced Bowling  image

Opponents: You or the World

Unlike your local bowling alley, Lets Bowl 2 allows you to play an opponent in a different country whenever you like. You can go worldwide or keep it home with sibling and family competitions.

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The Pass and Play Multiplayer option allows you to bowl as a team or one-on-one contests. Up to four players can play at once with leaderboards and worldwide results posted to let you know exactly where you rank.

Your ultimate goal is to get the highest score in 10 frames, exactly like a real bowling alley. The games maintain a clean, wholesome air, making it suitable for kids of every age. Unlike other apps, all the aspects of the game are 100% free.

In-app purchases are available for Bowling Bucks but are not necessary to play or advance in the game. With its iPad, iPhone and iPod touch capabilities (running iOS 6 or later), as many games of bowling that you want are only a finger flick away.

Opponents: You or the World image

Lets Bowl 2


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-safe game
  • 100% free
  • Incredible graphics and 3D effects
  • No in-app purchases required
  • Multi-player option
  • Worldwide opponents to challenge
  • Regular updates to content on a regular basis


  • Updating error
  • Online opponents can leave the game and not come back and this causes you to have to shut it down and lose some of your bowling bucks

Pros and Cons image

Bowl - O - Rama

Lets Bowl 2 is a fast, fun, fantastic app. With the incredible scenes, awesome graphics, super sound effects, finger-flicking play, leaderboards, worldwide opponents, 4-player online play, precise controls, and challenges, Lets Bowl 2 adds a new level of excitement to the game without detracting from it.

Conveniently located wherever you are, bowling is no longer a Saturday-only event. No matter your bowling skill level, Lets Bowl 2 is one of the best bowling apps for iPhone.

Lets Bowl 2

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