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Brainwaves - Spirit, Meditation app review: find peace of mind with meditation



There’s nothing like spending in an hour in the backyard relaxing to help relieve us of our daily stress. With the sounds of nature all around us and the wind rustling the leaves it’s easy to forget about all our regular stress points, but we inevitably have to return back to reality at some point. It’s hard to maintain a constant state of calmness with all the stress in our lives, but through regular meditation we can learn to control our anxieties and achieve that calm feeling associated with sitting in the backyard listening to the breeze on a consistent basis. Brainwaves - Spirit, Meditation is one of the most complete meditation apps you’re likely to find in the App This is a free app, but most of the meditation tracks are only available through in-app purchase. It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Soothing Meditation

There are plenty of meditation-related apps available for download. Some are free, and some are available for a nominal fee. Others, like Brainwaves - Spirit, Meditation, are free but most of their main features require in-app purchase. It’s a matter of individual preference whether or not you think these apps are worth the money, but there’s no doubting their worth for putting your mind in a stress-free state. It’s important to note though that Brainwaves - Spirit, Meditation does require some fairly expensive in-app purchases if you’re going to truly get the full use out of this app. The cost of meditation tracks range from $3.99 all the way up to $15.99 so it’s probably not an app you want to try on a whim so you should be seriously committed to the benefits of meditation if you’re going to make use of this app.

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A major problem I came across with this app was the reliability of the download function. For recommending the app to my social media friends the app offered to give me a meditation track for free but the problem is it seemed to get stuck in a perpetual state of downloading. Considering how expensive it is to download mediation tracks in this app this is a major concern. Even if you’re committed to making meditation a regular part of your daily life, it’s not much use if you can’t get the tracks to work. At the time of this writing my complimentary track is still downloading. This app will require 50.5 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How it Works

When you open the Brainwaves - Spirit, Meditation app by default it will open the built-in player with the last meditation track that you played. To move around the app there’s a simple menu located directly below the player. The menu features three main choices: Library, Store, and Info. The library lists all the meditation apps you’ve purchased to date; to open one you simply tap on it, and then tap on the play button that appears below its icon. The Store is of course where you can purchase any of the available tracks to save to your library and there is quite an extensive list with something for just about any mood or state of mind.  

The info section is full of useful things. The user manual may be one of the most complete manuals in an app you’ll ever come across. It features in-depth explanations of all facets of meditation and meditation techniques. There’s also a newsletter to keep you abreast of any new features the app is offering, as well as the standard share and rate features. Navigation of this app really is a pleasure; it’s about as simple as turning the pages of a book. 

Pros and Cons


  • Simple navigation
  • Extensive user manual
  • The store features a complete library of mediation tracks
  • Built-in player is easy to use


  • Meditation tracks are relatively expensive
  • Tracks don’t always download properly

Final Words

Brainwaves - Spirit, Meditation is probably one of the most complete meditation apps you’ll come across in the App Store. The app is clean and easy to navigate, and there’s an extensive list of tracks for just about any mood available for purchase in the store. The only real problem with this one is the annoying potential of downloads to remain incomplete, which is a major concern when you have to purchase each track.


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