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Stocks Creamun Stock Portfolio tracker app review: track your portfolio for free 2021



The world of stocks and stock markets can seem a little daunting to the amateur investor. There are so many different stock markets around the world it’s not always easy to keep track of it all. Heck, even the US market features numerous options.

The best stock trading apps for the iPhone and iPad

That’s where the stock market apps for iPhone in the App Store can really come in handy. There are a whole range of trading apps for iPhone and iPad that you can download which will help you to keep track of the various markets, and the performance of individual stocks.

You don’t have to be a professional stockbroker to keep up to date with all the current stock information these days, and Stocks Creamun Stock Portfolio app is a great little iPhone stock tracker if you want to get involved in this complicated world.

Stocks Creamun is free to download. Let's see if this is the best portfolio app for iPad users looking to get into stock trading. 

Stocks Creamun Stock portfolio tracker and quotes USA


Stock Market Tracking

There are lots of apps for people with an interest in the stock market, some of these are quite complicated featuring extensive trading features that are more geared to the professional investor.

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However, there’s also a lot of choices for amateur investors that just want to keep an eye on the market and keep track of how their investments are performing.

Stocks Creamun Stock Portfolio is an app that definitely falls into this latter category. It’s full of features that make easy for the amateur investor to satisfy their interest in the stock market.

This app really is pretty good for a free app. There isn’t a lot to criticize, but there are a couple of minor issues with this one. First of all it doesn’t allow you to access all of the major markets around the world – for the most part it concentrates on the US markets, with some access to Asian and European markets.

There also isn’t much in the way of instructions in this one, although it isn’t a difficult app to figure out. This app will require 5.6 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Stock Market Tracking image

How it Works

The main interface of this app is actually pretty good. The home screen features basic information on the major US stock markets prominently, as well as access to a whole host of tools.

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On the bottom toolbar you’ll find an icon to create a watchlist of stocks you have interest in so that you can easily keep track of them – it’s as easy as typing the company name in the search bar and tapping on the result you’re looking for to add it to your list.

There’s also a tool for creating a portfolio of stocks you actually own. There’s also tools for accessing the latest financial news, tracking dividends, and a built-in chat function. This is probably one of the best free stock tracking apps you’ll find. 

How it Works image

Stocks Creamun Stock portfolio tracker and quotes USA


Pros and Cons


  • Features all major US stock markets
  • Great news tools and built in chat function
  • Easily add stocks to your watch list
  • Portfolio option for tracking your own investments


  • Does not track all major international markets
  • No real instructions

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you want a great free stock tracking app Stocks Creamun Stock Portfolio is a great choice. This app comes with a lot of rich features, including access to some of the best financial news sources, as well as the ability to create a watch list of stocks to follow and the option to recreate your own investment portfolio.  It’s definitely worth downloading.

Stocks Creamun Stock portfolio tracker and quotes USA

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