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Plates by Splitwise - split dinner bills with ease app review: haggle-free check splitter 2021



The Plates by Splitwise app is a unique app to split bills when you go out to eat. This app to split expenses is easily used as a tip calculator, but its main focus is on splitting dinner bills in a multiple-person situation.

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Easy, fun and accurate, it will soon become a staple in your app library. Continue reading our review to see if this is the best app for splitting bills

Plates by Splitwise


Drag and Split

Download the Plates by Splitwise app and be prepared for one of the most enjoyable bill-splitting experiences ever.  The app to split bills opens looking almost like a dinner table. Plates appear and this is where the app is different from the rest.

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Each person in your party is represented by a plate. You add items from your meal and drag to the individual person’s plate. It neatly shows who had what items and totals it up in real time. If there was an item like an appetizer that was shared, list the item and split it however many ways it was shared.

This divided amount shows on each of the plates and is totaled in. It keeps everything separated with no doubt about who had what.

The Plates by Splitwise app then calculates in taxes and tip for each person and gives a total. It takes all the haggling and questioning out of splitting the dinner check, which makes it easy and fun.

Drag and Split image

Keeping It All Status Quo

Simply splitting a check is a somewhat basic task for the Plates by Splitwise app. Throw in extenuating circumstances and the app excels. As a time saver, main courses can be split among the plates and everything else can be evenly split by hitting the “split the rest” option.

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Anything else such as salads, appetizers, drinks and/or desserts can be grouped and split. The final bill for each includes the split amount as well as tax and tip. Another option is to merge a few plates, if, for instance, you were paying for a few friends. These can be grouped as one and tallied accordingly. 

After the bill has been split and added up, you may decide to pay for one other person. Just drag their plate on top of yours and you get a total for both.   You can spin the arrangements however you like with up to 10 people at a time. The Plates app is flexible and simple and it makes figuring different payer arrangements a snap.

Keeping It All Status Quo image

Plates by Splitwise


Pros and Cons


  • Cute table setting design
  • Fast, fun and spot-on tabulation
  • Effortless for user: no mental math strain
  • Available in tons of different languages
  • iOS 5 or later compatible
  • Optimized for iPhone 5 (iPad and iPod touch friendly)
  • Completely Free


  • Math issue with the plate combining feature

Pros and Cons image

Take it To Go

This is one of the best-designed, simplest, and most fun tip calculating and check splitting apps available that I've seen. It takes only a few swipes and the Plates by Splitwise app takes care of everything. Real-time additions keep the tabulation on track and changing who pays for what is no problem at all.

Plates is an app you will use over and over again and is great to have on hand in an instant.  It's excellent to have while traveling (especially on travel tours where group checks are the norm) and out and about in your daily dining.  

Plates by Splitwise

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