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Shrink app review: eating healthy has its rewards



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It’s easy to get coupons for candy or cash back when you buy 10 gallons of super nutty fudge ice cream. It seems as though the unhealthier, the more you are rewarded, and it seems that way because it is true, until now. Finally a company has made eating healthy and responsible worth your while. The Shrink app by Shrink, Inc. rewards you with very little effort on your part, but the kicker is that the foods they offer are actually good for you.

Shrink - Grocery Cash Back & Rewards for Healthy Lifestyle


Loyalty Has its Perks

With the Shrink app, you are not just getting food that is good for you and tastes good, but you are getting bonus rewards on top. You eat healthy, you get paid. Download the Shrink app and explore what brands they have to offer; some brands you will know, some you might not, yet. 

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The brands featured on the app are healthy in that they might be organic, vegan, or vegetarian. Whichever you choose, you will be certain to find the real deal. If it says gluten-free, it is gluten-free. Once you have gone to your grocers, discovered the brands and made your purchases, your rewards will begin to add up. This is especially true if you find a certain brand that you absolutely love and continue to buy it over and over. Every time you do, you get rewarded by that brand, not with coupons, but with cash. The brands are not some oddball set of brands, but brands like Steve’s Ice Cream, Foco Coconut Water and Kidfresh kids meals are just a few.

Loyalty Has its Perks image

Easy Peasy

So, how do you rake in the rewards?  It couldn’t be easier: no names to enter, no store codes, no cost per unit or any other time-consuming mess. Simply open the app, scan your receipt, and wait for the cash to roll in. That is it, that is all you have to do. Your rewards will appear in cash for you to use at your discretion. These aren't two-cent rewards either, these are real, decent rewards. 

Those brands that are featured on the Shrink app are ready to share the wealth and they are all ready to see who is really enjoying their brand and product. Every time you are a repeat customer, they thank you more by giving you more: true rewards for staying true. You will never find a coupon in return or some other lame attempt to appease you, just cold hard cash, baby; that’s how they roll.   

Easy Peasy image

Shrink - Grocery Cash Back & Rewards for Healthy Lifestyle


Pros and Cons


  • Easy, simple, app
  • Real cash back
  • Healthy true foods
  • Brands you will really like
  • iOS and Android compatible


  • None known or reported

Pros and Cons image

Healthy and Happy Returns

The reviews are in on the Shrink app and the whole world is singing its praises. The app is as simple as it claims to be. The rewards are real and the brands available are not only good-quality brands, but they are as wholesome as you can get. There are no more excuses for eating processed, unhealthy foods just to save some money with annoying coupons. Download Shrink and see the difference real, healthy food can make and see how you can save, real cash, just by buying good food. With the Shrink app taking grocery shopping by storm, there are bound to be a lot more healthy and happy people around.

Shrink - Grocery Cash Back & Rewards for Healthy Lifestyle

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