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Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards app review: fast and fantastic 2021



The start of summer vacation is here. This means family trips, road trips with friends, or solo adventures out on the open highway.

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Along with trips come all the mapping, hotels or campgrounds, and gas station pit stops. Having the Speedway Fuel and Speedy Rewards card app on your device can cut down the hassle in several ways as well as reward you for being a loyal customer.

The rewards app for iPhone downloads quickly and smoothly integrates with your device so that you can take care of whatever needs taking care of and get back on the road again. Let's dig deeper into the Speedway Rewards application through our rewards app review. 

Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards


3-2-1 Go!

The Speedway Fuel and Speedy Rewards app was set up with ease and speed in mind. One of the app's greatest abilities is to use your GPS to find where you are and then locate the nearest Speedway gas station.

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Not only does it find it and give directions, but it also lets you know the gas prices and any special amenities it might have. How easy is that?

Another “ease inspired” bonus is the shake to show aspect. When the app is on-screen, you shake it and it automatically pulls up your Speedway rewards card so there's no searching for the card or scanning it. It is right there. 

Speedway also thought to add a “wallet” section where you can store your digital cards and coupons from everywhere: nice touch, Speedway.  

3-2-1 Go! image

Fill, Thrill, and Chill

When you stop at Speedway to fill up, you are gaining valuable rewards that you can be alerted to right there on your app screen. What a thrill to know that all those fill ups have given you digital coupons off the price of gas.

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What about that coffee you get every time you go in? And yes, even the burritos you pick up have helped to boost your rewards. These digital coupons can be redeemed for free items in the speedway store or online or even for speedway gift cards.

Since it is all on your app, there's no need to swipe the card, just present the coupon to the cashier. Now stand back like a boss and chill while you reap the many rewards of Speedway customer loyalty.

Fill, Thrill, and Chill image

Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards


Pros and Cons


  • Quick access to rewards
  • Gas Station Locator with price
  • Wallet for saved cards and coupons
  • Passbook compatible
  • For iPhone, iPad and iPod (iOS 7 and later)


  • App not intended for kids under 17 and under as the app may show ads depicting tobacco, drug use, or gambling

Pros and Cons image

Safety & Speedway

The speedway app gives so much back to its loyal customers: rewards, freebies, convenience, coupons and compatibility with the majority of devices. One of the most valuable parts of the app, though, is the gas station locator.

Have you ever been on a dark highway wondering if you will make it to the next gas station and where it is? This situation can put you on edge and a little lost. Speedway has taken the guesswork out of it, providing location and directions to the Speedway closest to you.

Seeing the red and white Speedway sign and walking into the familiar Speedway store makes you feel relief and less lost instantly. This is an extremely useful and rewarding app, and it should be a staple for all those who travel.

Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards

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