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Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet app review: card-free shopping



This app has been circulating through Europe and has finally reached the U.S. shores. It's time to liberate your wallets and keychains from the space hogging store rewards cards. The Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet app lightens the load by allowing you to store all those cards information on your device, so there's no more searching for the right card at the right store: it is stored and ready to be used.

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Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet


Shop 'til You Drop

Download the Stocard app and free yourself of clutter and the bother of store rewards cards. These cards can bring amazing discounts and sales to your bill, but, sometimes it isn’t worth the hassle. Stocard makes it easy and readily available. Scroll down the app to find the store matching your card, for example, Pet Smart. Tap the Pet Smart link and up pops a barcode. Flip your rewards card, scan the barcode and boom: it’s in there. Now when you want to use the rewards card, tap the Stocard link, tap your Petco card (which now shows up on the opening tab, as all scanned cards will) and let it be scanned by the cashier. Done. It's simple, fast, and it will take you only a few minutes to get all those pesky cards onto one spot on your device. Fantastic!

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Rewards Plus

Not only does the app keep your cards organized but it has some awesome extra features. First, you can keep a backup copy in the cloud, just in case you switch devices. No re-entering them all, just import from the cloud and boom, you're back in business. The second, and really amazing feature, is the Stocard Assistant. It is a mystery how it does it, but, when you enter a store that carries a card you have scanned, the assistant will pop up to remind you to use your card.  This is incredible because there will be no more missed savings. The savings and convenience continue as the Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet app stores your location, and sends you local fliers and offers from stores you have downloaded. If the card you use does not happen to be on the pre-loaded list, there is a simple area to add your own, barcode and all.

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Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet


Pros and Cons


  • Set up for use with iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android
  • 400 pre-loaded loyalty/reward cards
  • No limit to the number you can add/use
  • Extremely simple and convenient


  • Not all stores are tech-savvy and have scanners that can scan the barcode off your device screen so in this situation, manual entry of the numbers may be required at check-out

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Shopping Simplicity

There are apps that come along that try to do what Stocard has done. By this we mean apps that claim to make a situation, like shopping and using rewards cards, easier. Not many succeed but Stocard has not just succeeded, they nailed it. This is truly an app that you will use and it will make things simpler and neater.  It does everything it says it will do, giving you true convenience at your fingertips. Bravo Stocard!

Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet

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