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Tab - The Simple Way to Split a Bill app review: snap, split and done 2021



The Tab bill app for iPhone is the simplest, single-step bill splitting app by far.  This bill split app takes what could be a laborious and tiresome task of splitting the dinner check between each individual and streamlines the process. 

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If you can snap a photo and can match item to owner, you have done all you need to do.  Tab asplit expenses pp takes care of the rest. Let's dig deeper into this app to see of it's the best bill splitting app for your needs.

Tab - The simple bill splitter


A Picture Saves a Thousand Words

The wearisome task of splitting the bill can turn a lovely meal into a heated debate with the discussion of the bill sometimes lasting longer than the actual meal. 

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This shall be the circumstances no longer once you have installed Tab to your mobile device.  The steps are simple.  When the check is received, open the Tab app and snap a photo of the receipt.  Select which items you each ordered. 

Tab then determines the total for each by automatically detecting the item and price on the receipt and adds in the tax and tip proportionally.  Your dining receipt has been easily and correctly split amongst your party and you now just have to pay your portion. 

A Picture Saves a Thousand Words image

But Wait! Tab Does More

The Tab app can take on odd or more complex billing situations.  When selecting items that were consumed by all (appetizers, for example), multiple persons can select the same item and add to several or all the different persons totals. 

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Tab will split one single item up as many ways as needed and it does not have to be an even number: Tab will split it no matter how many. 

In the situation where there is a guest of honor and everyone wants to pay a portion of the guests meal, Tab will take that person's total and split it amongst whoever chooses to pitch in.  No hassles. 

Another fun way that everyone can get in on the Tab action is to have multiple Tab users scan the same receipt at which time they can use their own device to claim what they had off the receipt.  All parties can get involved and reduce the time to split the check even faster. 

Want to know who paid out last time?  The Tab app will keep the last 10 bills entered.  This comes in handy when handing in expense receipts for work and for balancing your finances at a later date.

But Wait! Tab Does More image

Tab - The simple bill splitter


Pros and Cons


  • Completely free
  • Does the work for you
  • Keeps everything organized
  • Photo copy of receipt
  • For iOS 7 or later and iPad, iPod touch and iPhone 
  • Optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 plus


  • Your device's standard calculator is going to be lonely

Pros and Cons image

Tabulating Tabs Terrific Tasks

When you add up all of the Tab apps features and capabilities, it is hard to fathom there is no price tag or catch to go along with it.  With everything that Tab can do for you, like all your calculating, splitting, taxes and tip reconciling, it is unbelievable that there is no cost involved.  

For a smooth-running app with no reported glitches, its unique photo receipt feature, and quality, it's surprising that this is a free app.  The Tab app should definitely be one app that no one should be without. 

Tab - The simple bill splitter

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